Just when you thought blogging was safe……

Bonjour le monde!  It is I, and here I am. Fresh blog to start the crazy.

Cannot say for sure how in order my thoughts will be.  As I suffer from ADD and OCD..so…ya well then…

I wish to thank Handsome Mike T Foley for getting me this far.  Fellow writer, blogger, co-worker and friend.  I really do not understand how this works.  It feels too complicated for me.  I am not very techno… one could say a wannabe…

Ok so this is my first posting. Yay.. and surely not my last. You will be treated to my life, love, romances (or lack of), the world that is mine. Small world as it is..but no small parts. I hope this reflects me, as I am generally larger than life..(teeheehee)

Ok then. I will leave it up to you, the followers to keep me on top of my game.  Feel free to request info, share ideas, watever… I look forward to blogging with you all.

Later wordpress blog peeps!


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