Str8 to Storebrand for Jasper…

For the past two years Mr. Str8 has been the man, and pretends to be all that and a cold bag of hearts.  (for animals)  But we all know the deal.

So he developed an affection to my stray outdoor pet, Jasper.

He started taking to feeding the cat.. and on the next market outing after running out of catfood….

Str8 pushed the cart into the pet food aisle.  I gave him a signature B-Diva look..and curiously asked what he was doing.

He took to making sure my suckin’ up kitty was getting fed.  Several months later after a good amount of $ on food for the needy kitty, we were at the market again.


“Oh yeah and cat food.  Get the cheap storebrand shit.  If the little fucker doesn’t like the cheap stuff… oh well.  Cat will starve then.”

As if he would let that happen..but we all know it wouldn’t.. Stra8 to the market after I get to work to buy food the cat will eat….

don’t tell him we know the secret!



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