Str8 to Matrix

Had a surprise last week.  It was a good one, so sorry peeps, no strife on this one..

Mr. Str8 has been driving this goodie but an oldie Toyota Echo for some years now.  It was grey, 2 door.  Cute.  But a money pit. Brakes, muffler, bearings, and a leaky gas tank made him start thinking about a newer car.

Str8's Matrix

So we talked, and stopped, checking out a couple of used cars he was interested in. And off he went back to work.  Got the muffler paid for and installed on Friday.  Later on, he went to the Toyota dealer, checking options, and test drove his soon-t0-be-new-baby.  He left, thinking on it.  However, the idea quickly took root and with his daughter in tow… returned to the dealer and promptly bought the brand new 2011 Matrix.

This now leaves us being more watchful with the cash, taking his usual philosophy of shopping to a tightened up version as we move forward.

The look on his face, while we were driving was priceless.  A peacock.  The cat that ate the canary.  So proud and excited.

Trying out the cruise control on the city streets.  Air conditioning on all day.  Driving carefully like a nervous Nelly.  Ah.. so funny.

And I was told with no uncertainties that “there’s no more eating or drinking in the car… At least until it’s not as new.”  So I had to stop into Tim Horton’s for my coffee…. I hope this new car feeling comes to an end soon……










So after years of trying to keep the Echo running, he now has a car payment. So, maybe this new car will not only make me feel less stress on his long haul drives back and forth, but maybe, just maybe… the new car will kick us both in the butts and force us to make more positive changes.

Meh.. I just love being in a brand new car.. I am such a chick with dick..


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  1. Isnt it nice? Mine is 15 years old and limps down the road with its 220,000 miles worth of baggage. I just dumped 700.00 US into it for brakes, now the water pump is shot. And just bought new battery. My new car is just around the corner, but dread the payments …

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