Check It Out….

I will try my hardest not to be repetitive in postings on wordpress and my 2ndary blog,

That one, since it is most suited to photographic blogging, will have a collection of diverse, (tame, cute, funny, disturbing, perverse) photos.  And some text thrown in for good measure.

This one, while heavy on the text, will also have the occasional picture for your review.  I would love to think that all my followers will keep on devouring both blogs, so that I would not need to duplicate postings.

However… I will allow for you not being that devoted to my quarkiness, so I will then repost my favourites back and forth.  Just to make sure you don’t miss any messages I want you to have…

And don’t be afraid to comment.. I am hoping for more, from my sole fan, the Handsome Michael T Foley, and anyone else.

Please.. pretty please…

I can be reduced to grovelling..


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