How Well Do You Know Your Partner? #1

Funny thing, people. 

So, thinking about the things romantic partners say, do, act and look.  Even when you think you know someone, really, how well do you know them?

Case in point.  Let’s call him…Clark..

1- Set up his whole monogamy spiel, and launched into a flaming fury over discovering I had a defunct dating website profile.  He swore he would never get one.   Conclusion: a month after we broke up, he had a profile set up.  He chatted to, and went to meet him. (He lived in New Brunswick).  He never left for 2 yrs…

2- Was up front about his past partners not being friends, and did not keep in touch with them.  He told me on numerous occasions that I was different.  And after all the crap we went through, after my supporting his sorry, lazy unemployed ass (yes, I let him stay with me after we broke up), he finally left.  A cousin got him a job, and he moved out.  I spoke to him once, a week later, and then, nada, ziltz, nothing.  He conveniently cut me off. 

I know, I may have, in some ways, deserved it.  But, Clark was a character…

And this is the first appearance of him.  Don’t worry, Clark will be around for many more posts, to be sure…


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