Irene, Str8 Start to the Week

Well, in the wake of Hurricane Irene, all seems fine in the land of Halifax, NS, but not such luck for so many. She tore the hell out of the everything in her way. While I am sad and in awe of the devastating storm. And really, tired.  I am not complaining, but I am rather tired.  From endless banging and forceful wind gusts.  And with Mr. Str8 coming back into town this evening.. not in the best of moods.  Restless sleep, when I finally got to sleep.  So work all day, get home and finish up the odd bits of chores I didn’t get to yet. (my fault)… Was looking forward to see my step-daughter again, as who knows when I would see her again (not easy as she is about 3 1/2hrs away).  She has a hair appointment, apparently.. chatted with her briefly, and she cant make it.. really hoping to do a whale watching tour with her… something fun.
So it is the week, chances of the two of us going to the bar-slim to none.  I can live without it.  (Never thought I  would say that…..) Mr. Str8, on the other hand..not so much.  He loves it there.  If only I could keep his hands busy in other ways…
Ah, meh…so with Irene gone and Str8 to arrive, I take a moment and breathe. What the week hold?  Let’s wait and see.


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