Str8 To the Punchline

Mr. Str8: Why do you go and air our fuckin laundry for everyone to see?

Me: Cos I can. I told you. Nothing is scared.  And besides, I may actually get rich off the crazy that is my life.

Mr.Str8: (taking a moment, I believe he was thinking).. You think you can actually make money writing?  Huh.  Ok fine, but just remember to add really hot sex to it.

Me: Ok, well its been years since I had really hot sex, but I think I can write from memory….

Mr.Str8: excuse me?

Me: (laughing)..I said I only have had hot sex for the past two years

(Str8 grunts indignantly, and walks out the room.  I m now giggling)

Boy, did I have ever have to work hard to make up for that….well worth it though!!  SO very funny!  wink



Filed under Humour, Relationships

2 responses to “Str8 To the Punchline

  1. Well done! You were quick on your feet with that one! Of course until he sees it here….

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