Mamma Said There Would Days Like This

Between the normal days and usually fair mood, I have been rather hard on myself, and therefore those around me..

About a month ago, my new friend, neighbour and co-worker was staying behind, and let me drive her car back home. I was excited, and determined to be responsible.  I took the bus home. When stepping off the bus, I inadvertently severely twisted my ankle.  It hurt like the kings, and in the pouring rain, limped and hobbled to her car.  Drove it to her place and walked to my place.  Since then, it’s still not fully better, sore and achy still.

On the weekend, a few days ago, I decided to get to the store, as the early effects of Hurricane Irene started.  Wanted to pick up some basics at the market as I was expecting Mr. Str8 to arrive with my step-daughter for the week.  I decided to wear his runners without socks.  Big mistake. His left shoe at the back was worn and ripped, and it rubbed my Achilles tendon raw and bloody.  So, suffering the frustrating soreness of that as well as the still not healed right ankle.

After a later than normal intimate session, I awoke thinking I was refreshed from the release.  However, I had only 15 minutes to get ready for work after eating breakfast and watching a show on the laptop.  I was late showering, prepping food for work, and broke my hematite ring.  I had an outburst of rage and without provocation, took it out on him.  And now the day is set off for me.  Not my usual light and fluffy demeanour.

And here I am, with physical soreness and a heavy heart and bad mood to deal with.  Good reminder to keep your temper in check.  Ask most people close to me and my sister, about the Smith temper.  It is a bit of a thriller, but generally, as long as it is not directed at you, usually funny.


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