Can’t We All Just Love?

In a recent conversation with friends, I decided to try to have a serious discussion regarding the state of the world today.  As you can imagine, it was a free for all of all the levels of good and bad with human society in the 21st century. We covered a variety of valid issues and concerns. 

I pondered the finer line in regards to human relationships.  Lucky me to have a great bunch of people in my life that are progressive, fare and intelligent.  Of this I am most grateful.

While the more intimate questions of romantic struggles happen to be my quest to share, and hopefully enlighten myself and others, I was pleased to hear so much positivity.

We have as a society, blamed various groups for the ills of the world, and have exercised false dominance over others.  We all agreed on this, but majority rules applied to the good things.

Human equality is without saying, a paramount.  We have taken over the years to embrace certain aspects of others (cultures, lifestyles, imagination, laws, fashions, syntax) and have tried to bury things not like us that we are afraid of.  It has had major historical effects on us all.

Right through the classes, the cultures, the world each and every person lives in, to the heart of the current state of affairs.  We agreed that closed mindedness has had shadows cast upon us all.  Slavery, conquests, and in differences, have segregated us and made many feel alone and unwanted.  We push away anything that we fear will cast a bad light on ourselves.  And we seem to have concenious on this.

It is the relationship with ourselves that is most important.  For if we can look at our reflections, love ourselves, and have patience and hope for something good, then we can face the world and all that it is.  We can allow faith and belief in, and share that with others.  Be it any form of religion, or faith.  That we open our hearts to a higher power and thus to all life, and in turn we become full of basics of life-joy, hope, happiness and love.  That subtle differences in us all, really are pieces of the larger puzzle. 

That intimate relationships, outside of rules of homes and laws of land, are shaped by the world we grow up in as children.  That many who survive abuses, have a harder path to find goodness.  That by loving another human being, without harming, hurting or infringing upon others, we have the 3rd most powerful aspect of being sentient beings.  It is a basic need we all strive for.  And history is full of examples of good and bad.  It seems the more you attempt to interfere with the basic needs of others, it boils up from being ignored, or vanquished. 

We all have hardships, suffering, loss, pain and anguish.  We all have love, peace, joy, acceptance,  and belonging.  My friends and I, with all our differences and unique qualities, are all from various walks of life.  We make efforts to be the best humans we can.  We make mistakes, and freely admit them.  In all of our own souls, we all want to be loved.  A search never-ending for some, while for others, the search is over. 

We all accept each other and ourselves, and support one another as humans.  Humans that will continue to make our way in this world, and allow others to live their lives, to find love, as we ourselves seek love.  We ask for nothing but being connected to that special someone, to make our way in this life more fulfilling and easier to share with.  Be it a romantic partner,  or friend. 

Humans are complex creatures.  We have struggled to ask and answer universal questions to complete our existences.  And regardless of where we come from, who we are, through out time, we all deserve to be happy and share this with others.

It also makes me wonder.  I have an amazing group of friends that I know I can share even the  most intimate of things with.  That we can dissect history and speculate on the future.  And we share the same views.  However, of all the open-minded, really good people out there…is it the natural balance of the universe, that all good is equaled with bad?  That my love and personal existence, while I strive for being better, is the object of hate, fear and loathing by others who think it wrong.  If we take the chance to really try, can we not as humans, be more compassionate to others, who are also just trying to find love? Does humanity suffer from repeating itself, (in history), and if so, can we avoid hating each other, and replace it with kindness and love?


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  1. You are very eloquent in your words bry and I agree with all of them…well said…

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