Str8 Keyless Comical

Coming home, after work, while on the bus with Carlie, I was texting with Mr. Str8.

I had mentioned about some sort of accident on the bridge.  He asked about it, while getting ready to go visit Chy (his daughter).  He left the house, and went to his car.  This is the text I got:

“Fuck! I just locked the fucking keys in the house”

I was concerned.  For about 5 seconds.  I started to laugh, choking and tearing, and trying to breathe.  I could not even try to talk, so Carlie was laughing with me.

“Your awful.”  Carlie declared.  “You are too funny!  You make me laugh!”

“I feel bad, but man! (giggling) “OMF!  I can see him now, like an anime cartoon, short and stubby, jumping up and down angry!  With little x’s for his eyes, and tears!  And fists and mouth open screaming swear words!”  I was hurting from the hysterical fit of laughter. 

“oh that is so funny!”  Carlie was also trying to calm down, from the convulsions of laughter, as she could picture this image in my head.

It is a strange world in my head.  Not fit for public viewing, I am sure.  Oh yes… Mr. Str8 lives in walking distance to his landlord.  So a spare key got him back on track.  All’s well that ends well then.

better Mr. Str8 animeNot so funny one


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