Trying Big Daddy

Ok. This is how it goes…
At work.  About 2hrs left for the end of the day.  Hungry. So, wandered into the lunch room to check out the vending machine.
After a moment of debate, I settled on, what I thought was the best choice.  An oversized cookie.  As opposed to a chocolate bar.  Or bag of crips.
I removed the large cookie, only to wonder if indeed I made the correct choice.

Picture it.  Vending machine.  Holding a cookie, pretty much the size of my hand. The cover reads: soft & tasty.  Big Daddy cookie. (As well, I read ‘chocolate chunks’ and ‘omega-3’)

I am holding the cookie, and am perplexed.  I read the label.   However, squishing the packaged cookie, I really don’t feel it as being soft.
So I promptly take my big daddy cookie with me, to one friend after another along the way back to my desk.  Doing my schtick.

So, the package says that Big Daddy is soft.  And tasty.  Ok.  but hitting the oversized cookie on the desk, pretty much,  is the same as doing it with a brick.  So, Big Daddy cookie is not so soft, but hard.  A big hard, Big Daddy cookie.  Now I really must see if Big Daddy is tasty. 
So with the encouragement of a co-worker, who asked if I was going to see just how hard my Big Daddy cookie was, by putting it in my mouth…..

C-W “So Is your Big Daddy really hard?”
ME   “Hard enough”
C-W “Is Big Daddy tasty?”
ME   “Oh so tasty.. it really is big and thick.  My Big Daddy really is a mouthful”
C-W “So do you like your Big Daddy”
ME   “Oh yes very tasty.  Very filling.  I don’t know if I can finish Big Daddy off”
C-W “Well, now that you started, you really should eat all of Big Daddy”
ME   “It’s so hefty.  I guess it is true.  Even though Big Daddy is solid, it really is soft and tasty”

…… I pretty much violated any and all HR polices with this one! YES!!


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