Str8 Attention: PS2 Battle

Just popped on to have a look.  It is late, been a really long day.  I am on my belly on the bed, while Mr. Str8 is an arm’s length from me playing his Star Trek PS game.

I proudly told him about how the blog has been going.  And that I actually have followers…. I narrow my eyes, looking at the back of his head, as his attention is fixed on winning the universe. I clear my throat.

“I have followers now you know”………”Ah, didcha hear me?”

“I’m sorry did you say something?  I didn’t hear”

“ya.  Typical man.  Wow, really, u are straight…Guess what?  This is getting blogged.”

“Ya ok.”  He said, as he was still playing. I am still being pretty much ignored.

Just a quickie sorry.



Filed under Humour, Silly Me

2 responses to “Str8 Attention: PS2 Battle

  1. Been there, I feel you. I could do a fan dance when S is playing video games and he still wouldn’t avert his attention. hahahaha

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