My Halifax Traffic Woe

Bit of a rant…..

I had forgotten what traffic is like in Halifax, as the summer was pretty much smooth sailng to get to work.  I live in one of the towns amalgomated into the Halifax Regional Municipality.  And bus it back and forth on an express, the Link.  So I had the relief of being able to actually get downtown in more or less, scheduled time.  Other than constructions, and road upgrades, it has been great.  I can get to the last bus to get me on time to work, without much worry.  Which, is 2 buses past the one I instinctive know I should take.

And that instinct I am now aware is valid.  It is based on the 9 month stretch of the school year.  For some reason, there are many more cars on the roads in September, than in August.  Sure, ok, some people may do vacations, over the course of the summer.  That should account for a handful of cars.  Not 2o minutes of additional time for a bus with a 26 minute schedule from end to end.  So, this then leads me to think that all parents are now fully back at work, and the majority drive themselves to and from work.  And then there are the seasonal workers.  Like teachers.  Now all back to commutting to work.  Ok, sure makes sense.  And then a handful of students who actually drive in from the outskirts of the city.  Maybe.

So, we have to be talking about a hundred extra cars now?  But all of them on the road between 8:00 and 9:00 AM?  Should not teachers be at schools before then?  Should these parents who were not really at work all summer, be at work at this time?  Correct me if I am wrong, but if I were a parent and had the finances not to be at work with my kids, surely I would have a high paying career, that would make me available at work BEFORE 8AM?  So also on that note, these must be wealthy drivers no?  To live in the country, and selfishly clog up traffic with themselves in their own BMWs and such?  They obviously do not take the bus (even the upscale express Link, that I do).

So Carlie and I were gobsmashed with another day of being 20 minutes late, as per another accident on the MacKay bridge.  And since school re-started, barely making it to work on time, taking the same time we did 3 weeks ago.  Huh.  Really?

I live were I do, not by choice, but by simple economics.  Likewise, I suppose, do these wealthy drivers.  If I had that kind of money, I would be so far IN the city, I would be able to walk pretty much anywhere I needed to get to.  I used the word ‘selfish’.  Yes, I do believe it a true statement.  The link is more than adequite to take even the most wealthy commutter from edge of city to downtown.  If more people took transit, then less cars causing traffic.

To be fair, I know how insane Toronto traffic is.  And Montreal.  Been on the roads in both cities.  I am familiar.  However, even in Toronto and Montreal, and similarily,  New York City, there are some uber wealthy, powerful people, who take the subway.  I know, I have seen many of the elite of Toronto, crammed into a subway car right up against a little, poor thing like me. 

So, I guess for my own well being and for my job, I will need to get myself in gear and actually get an earlier bus, to get me, maybe,  on time to work.  I am challenging myself, (and by association, my dear friend, Carlie) to get up and ready.  And onto a Link at a time reasonable by Halifax standards, in the school year (and hence, the awful winter).  Thus, by my own standards, way TOO early in the dark, to get anywhere.  And make as much effort to avoid the painfully slow, bumper to bumper, ride from suburbia, to downtown.

I have 2 more days this week to work out the kinks, and start fresh on Monday.  I will have to keep you posted on this.  Like I said, it is going to be a challenge.  School year.  The commuters nightmare.



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2 responses to “My Halifax Traffic Woe

  1. I feel your pain on this one. I live 8 miles from UCF, and when school comes back so does the traffic. We’re talking an extra 40 minutes worth. Too crazy.
    I took the bus for a while after my dui, then I got an at home job. Thank God. The bus system here is just terrible, and cant deal with the increase in traffic. I too, would have to take an earlier bus – my commute was 2 hours 15 min into work and 3 and a half to get back home – it was torture!!

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