Random Pix:Relationships

Str8 temper, byebye controller

as for the temper, that is a relationship we both have-with each other and ourselves..  I laughed and shook my head.. I have shattered many a glass, plate, bowl.. wall..

the healthy snack I got Str8 into eating

 and veggies and pita crips and cheese.  with tzatziki dressing (light) a relationship with Str8 n I and our own bodies.

two of my other crazies

and two members the family of bandits that took up in the shed.. sooo cute!!

Jasper, Charcoal and new kitty

Jasper, my other ginger, is the most dog kitty ever.. lapkitty.  His friend Charcoal is a sweetie, but the newest wild kitty friend of Jasper’s is the tiny little thing he let eat from the dish.  He is big suck… and I loves him..

my SATC gals

and the relationship with these fab gal pals (ok not a real relationship, but still)

Ahhh Toronto..

I miss the relationship with Toronto.. a relationship I am grateful I had the chance to have..


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