So another week with a weekday off, and Str8 is back at work.  I know I have a few things to do tomorrow, like calling the power company, and stopping my paper delivery. (Which I only started because the sexy college boi was selling subscriptions, and offered movie tickets.  I know, call me Samantha Jones.. well not really, since I only got the movie tickets, and paper towel to mop up Str8’s drool over the poor boi).

I feel the long distance thing seems to be getting my last nerve.  On my own for a week and half, I think it fitting to get out and hang with the peeps.  There is a few things I would like to do.  Since I can’t decorate the house, or fix it up on the outside, I think I ll work on me.  I am considering a spa afternoon.  Ah, yes.

Ah, imagine cleaning..Looks like no cleaning there..Just need a muscled-bound hunk for a massage

I should also maybe excerise a bit more this week.  I am planning on seeing a movie or two.  Which means a large butter oil drowned barrel of popcorn, and chocolate.  I am drooling already.

Comes out this Friday!!!!

As much as I complain about the set-up we have now, truth is, really, at the moment, not much can change.  I am pretty sure I am not moving to Cape Breton.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a most gorgeous place to visit.  It is a great nature drive.  (Never past October).  And Str8 in the job hunt market…  Would make a great mini series on the blog though…  So for now, it is what it is.  I am sure we will figure things out. 

Having said that, the here and now, I am so goin to watch ‘Steven & Chris’ and maybe work on some of my digital photo projects.  Weekdays off always seem to feel different from weekends off.  And flying solo, I just may manage to get back to the cleaning and maybe, finally get to a happy balance. 

Today was more unusal then it has been lately.  I have to check to see if it is a full moon.  I had one lady chuckle, after I gave her the number to us at the Travel Redemption Centre. 

 “Redemption.. haha.. sounds like we’re being redeemed by God”, says this lady.  Ok, 20,000 points buys you a straightjacket.  I am pretty sure she should use it. 

 It was a strange day of questions and characters.  And end scene.  I guess my pointless, random post is just my way of saying, stay tuned.  Working on revealing and most inappropriate articles in the near future.  Am working on trying to follow the writing instructions of #matthewledrew, so also work in progress.  So, off I go to have a little time to unwind and get a good sleep.  Check you later. 

And remember, to be kind, and watchful.  It’s a jungle out there.


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