Sh** My BF Says: Str8 Quotes Mini….

1) “One picture each time we go is enough. You starting a fucking blog about squirrels?” (comment to our park outings to feed squirrels, and my taking endless pix)

2)“Do you think all those people really read your shit, or do they just happen on it by mistake?”

3)”You said to eat the (turkey dinner) left-overs.  Didn’t say to leave you any….Look, there’s a little mashed potato still……WHAT???”

4)”Didn’t think he could sing.  I mean, look at those eyebrows…in need of a lot of work on those things…well, there maybe hope for him.” (watching X-Factor UK)

5)”That’s a real Brita jug?  Look, the top broke…I dropped it…A new one? Why?  See, just need to hold the top secure..ok, it’s a little awkward, but you can still use it..”



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2 responses to “Sh** My BF Says: Str8 Quotes Mini….

  1. Lord help me, if Al says those things now I can only imagine what he’ll be like in his older years when our filter is gone, hahahahaha.

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