Str8 Talk: Call It As It Is

So, it seems that some of you enjoy the sharp wit of Mr. Str8.  That even if he says inappropriate things, it rarely comes from a bad place.  (Unless naturally you piss off the good ole boy, and the redneck comes out…). 

And one memorible exchange:

Str8: What’s with the redneck, Cape Breton shit?

Me: What?

Str8: You are always making jokes.

Me: Seriously?  Like you don’t make fun of things and people?  What about feminine gayboys?

Str8: Yeah, fruits.

Me: My friend, Mariam?

Str8: Bitch.

Me: Me?

Str8: Missy…. the Mrs.

Me: Henry? (a friendly older barfly we talk to)

Str8: Pedaphile.

Me: Ok… So.. and making jokes, not making fun, of Cape Breton… you don’t see it?  Really, do you hear the shit you say?

Str8: What?

Me: Wow. You sure none of your family gave you moonshine as a baby?


Another exchange:

Str8: I fixed your door.

Me: Really?  Thank you Babe.

Str8: Looks like you tried to, but failed.

Me: Wow. And then the floor rips was working just fine, thank you.

Str8: Well it’s working better now.  You can thank me after dinner. (winks)


Str8:Yup.  It’s going to be your turn to work.

Me:Then, I guess you ll owe me cos you took about 5 minutes to fix that door mister, so you got 5 minutes in bed, so lets go…



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