The Ides Of November

Sometimes things happen in bunches, and no matter how much you try to plan, the universe will say, ‘no’.  In October, while trying to plan out for November, I was struck with e-cell phone dysfunction.  It got worse, and finally, after nearly smashing it, I rushed to get a new one.  I was also rushed to deal with restoring my computer.  The agonizing hours of backing up files, and ensuring all my work was saved, the thousands of songs from iTunes, the videos, the photos…I am gobsmacked at the amount of crap I actually have on it.  Clutter, not unlike that which is the content of my head, and most irksome stuff about my house.  And of course, there is Mr. Str8.

With determination, the cell got set up, the files backed up, and prepared for a weekend visit from Str8’s ex and daughter.  I, with much trepidation, began the reinstall of my computer, on Monday.  It went swimmingly.  Or, so I thought.  Doing what I thought was the correct steps, I went to connect to the internet.  And computer said, “NO”.  I flipped out.  Could not find the driver?  Really?  I put the disc in.  Referring back to the manual, it didn’t have any more to say past the ‘follow the instructions’, once the main Windows disc was done.  Really?  This was now nearly midnight, and I had to get to bed for work.  With a blue streak of profanity utterances, I tried to sleep.  I need to get on the internet. While I was in the throes of frustrated anguish, I had texted Mr. Str8.  After work, he went to the market.  I didn’t get another text, and about an hour had passed, before he popped online, and thank gosh for my cell, that I had been on chat.  I was perplexed, and as I was questioning his surprising me online, this is the text I got:

Mr. Str8: “don’t text.  Cell keys fucked up.  I smashed it”.

Temper 1, cell phone 0.  So, radio silence.  Breathing space for him for 2 more days.  I was a hot mess!

Tuesday I anxiously survived the work day, and rushed home to deal with my computer.  Carlie offered her hubby’s technical services, and I was about to slam the laptop closed, and walk over to their house to have him work on it for me, when I texted my tech genius pal, Techie, I got him to download the drivers from Dell’s website.  And I had called Dell tech support.  And through a series of mishaps, the rep advised us to do just that.  Done buddy, done.  And I pretended that Str8 was working that night, or else, I would have blown out the bomb of a vein on my head.  Only, he showed up online, tried to contact me on chat, but I missed him.  And, finally, close to midnight, off to bed I went.

Wednesday, I successfully got back online, and was enthralled with the newness of my computer.  The newer, updated versions of programmes, the general look.  And the reason that I suffered internet dysfunction, was that Windows Vista, never had the internet drive on the reinstall disc.  U need to download that shit.  Thanks for letting me know, Dell!!!!  Techie said everyone knew that.  Not this Diva!  So, all’s well that ends well.  As far as I know, I got everything working right.  (Insert sigh of relief)

And as I start to have things settle down, I am looking forward to the month.

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