Str8, Support & Art Deconstruction

Working on being creative around Mr. Str8 is often like Fozzy Bear trying to get through his stand-up routine, being heckled by Statler & Woldorf.

Like Fozzie, I get heckled too

So as a general rule, I usually work at the table in the kitchen/eating area.  I toil away on the laptop, while he plays on his PlayStation2, killing zombies, or conquering the universe of Star Trek, or has ‘fantasy’ battles, to make his ‘final’ quest to save some land or another.

He came out to tease me, and stood looking at the screen.

Str8: Watcha doin now?

Me: digital photo stuff.

Str8: (after a bit) You keep using the same picture.

Me: It’s a good one to do stuff with.

Str8: What you doing now?

Me: making pop art.

Str8: fucking up the photo more like.

Me: Now that you shared your pleasantness, don’t you have a video game to play?

Str8: thought you wanted us to spend more time together?

Me: While that is normally true, I love you.. but stop picking at my work.

St8: Ok. Back to the game, so you can work on u fake art.

Me: Ok, g’bye now jackass.

While Str8 can be known to be supportive, he has no tact.  And his Archie Bunker-ness is not always appreciated.  I would rather be Lucy Ricardo, then Edith.  Huh… actually that fits well.  It’s like a mashup of characters.  A Lucy/Edith, and Ricky/Archie. Anyways..

I took to technology, like a cat being dragged to water.  I kicked and tried to avoid it.  The world was changing as I tried to dip a toe into it.

By the time the internet became the internet, and most people I knew had it, I had just gotten cable.  With a cool box on my 18 year little 17inch screen TV, I had over 200 channels.  And watched as much as I could.  It was great.  By this time, the world was charging excitedly into digital cable.

Nearly a decade later, after texting became commonplace, I finally started, being verbally assaulted by friends, who complained I never called them back, and texting would be easier.

I am only getting into digital manipulation of photos.  There are creative and talented tweens who seem born with the abililty to do anything to video clips and have way more interesting works than I.

I still do not understand the whole messaging idea.  I do not get the ettiquette of instant messaging.  I will chat, and not inform my chat-mates if I step away, or at the end, I just close out.  Hence the loss of any stranger I have meet online, as I feel they are not real, and therefore,  easily forgotten.

So, my teaching myself to work with technology seems to be a source of amusement with Str8.  And he will run with driving me over the edge.

Str8: (online chat, after checkin his email) What the fuck is with all the pictures you keep posting on my Facebook?

Me: What? (innocent)

Str8: These pictures. I got ten emails.  Stop putting that shit on it.  What are you doin?

Me: I wanted to show off what I did to our pix together.

Str8: Well stop showing off.  You’re not fuckin Picaso! Trust me!

Str8 & I in Pop Art


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2 responses to “Str8, Support & Art Deconstruction

  1. lol – i avoid facebook like the plague. too public for me. its good to learn to work with pictures, and different file formats. it can actually be quite complicated, and some picture programs can really eat up ur memory. you will soon be finding yourself wanting more gigs!!

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