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My New Year’s Wish/ Happy New Year!

And here we are, one day left to 2011, and a brand new year about to start.

Hoping you all had a great Christmas, or what have you (holiday), we have the next major one about to hit.

And it is the time of reflection, coupled with the determination to move on, up and forward all at the same time.  Life takes a toll on even the best of us.  No matter how positive, sweet, or wonderful moments have been in the year, it feels like we stand before a marker, and like a runner, we gauge our progress in life.  Sometimes we amaze ourselves at the distance we covered.  Sometimes, we see the starting line right behind us, and feel unaccomplished. 


In daily routines, we oft find ourselves near empty and on autopilot just to get through some rougher spots.  We get lax on proper eating, or maybe sleep, even our relationships may suffer along the way.  We find hours that drag, days that seem endless, months painfully long. 


In many moments in a year, we have joy, happiness and fond memories.  Of friends, family and lovers.  We grew as people in everything we do.  And those that see the lessons, are the ones who move forward in the game of the universe.  It is in the dwindling hours of such passages of time that we begin to take stock on the travel we have done.  It is but in these moments we see most clarity and the raw emotions that it brings.  The closing of a year is nostalgic for even those things we generally tend to forget or brush aside.


2011 was a full year.  For the billions of our brothers and sisters, there were heart aches, tragedies, trauma, and suffering.  Violent weather placed upon the lands saw the might of nature in throes of it’s own struggles.  Protests, wars, conflicts, battles. 

We have had courage, love, honour and miracle stories.  We have laughed, cried, and sampled all emotions.  Some lives ended and many new lives were started.

When we look back on our own personal year, let us not focus on the negative, but rather, take the goals and battles lost as fuel to make 2012 positive.  Lessons are learned in all things we do, say and feel.  The interactions we have with each other.  Look to your heart, to your soul, and find the fire that will guide you into the next chapter of your life.  Dream dreams that bring you peace and share all the good that you have.  May you know the touch of a hand of a loved one on your face.  The look of love in the eyes of a life partner.  Of encouraging words to a youngster.  The wisdom of the elderly.  Look to finding the special thing that only you have to share.  And join in the celebrations of all humanity.

May you embrace the beginning of a new year with smiles and fun.  Be safe and smart, and dance like you never danced before.  Celebrate the times that you will write upon the blank pages that lay before you in the story of your life.  And hold onto the pages written even in the worst moments, as they will reveal secrets about the person you were, and the person you are meant to be.

My wish for all of us is a simple, grand one.  Cast aside the prejudices and stand up for justice and peace.  May we all have the chance to dance as we like, to sing as off-key and loud as we can.  May you be proud of the amazing creature you are, and of those loved ones around you, even of the accomplishments of those you do not know.  Take time to live life out loud, and be a voice that others can follow, and follow those that shine a light, not those that would inflict darkness and cruelty. 

No matter who you are, where you live, what colour of your eyes, hair or skin. No matter the religion and faith, you must believe.  No matter what box you check for your age.  No matter your gender, or sexuality, be the best you can be.  Foster love in the world, not hate, and find the strength to overcome those that would threaten to darken the light of life.

As a year draws to an end, and a new one about to begin, take a moment to pass goodness on to those around you.  We all suffer, but through the pain, we can be strong and rise above this mortal coil to achieve something great.  And let 2012 be the year we set the goal.  Learn to say NO when you need to and YES when you can.

My wish for you all is to have a fabulous, safe New Years, full of love and peace.  Party on.  Be proud.  And in the words of the grand diva herself, RuPaul, “don’t f*@# it up!”

New Year’s Eve, 2011, a day before the start of the brand new 2012. 

Happy New Year, one and all.  And thank you for taking time to share of your time with me.  Much love and appreciation.

Bryon, therealbryon


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to one and all.  May the spirit of love, joy, peace and family find you well and safe, not just now, but every day of the year.

May dreams, wishes and hopes come true and may all of you be happy.

Take care and see you all again soon.



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Pictou, NS: Str8 Scenery

Str8 and I stayed in Pictou, NS, to go to the drive-in movie theatre.  A first for Str8.  So, we stayed at a fabulous B&B, the Willow House Inn.  Turns out, I knew their daughter well-she was my doctor’s receptionist for years, and then worked at one of my jobs with me!

Willow House Inn B&B..Str8 & I loved stayin there.

We enjoyed the town very much.  Historic, quaint, pretty.  It really reminded me of the cottage resort towns in Ontario.  I was very happy with the weekend. Wonder what adventures next summer will have?

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As Seen on Twitter 1

therealbryon Gay In The CIty 

1) Gay test: play a remix of ‘it’s raining men’..any male who dances, sings, or remotely responds in excitement=gay..
2)@jannarden lol…great idea..about to commit mass vegetable murder-a salad..
3)Petition for Xfactor Canada..I want judges: #zachwarner#maestrofreshwes@jullyblack, & @jannarden …& the fabulous host..
4)Kindness is the cheapest gift to give..pass it on
5)Gay bars=box of chocolates: some just look, some nibble, some r choosy, others eat it all til they get sick..
6)Ah..pretty blinking red xmas bad..those r taillights on cars in traffic merging at magazine hill…
7)1501 tweet..does that get a nomination for something?..or am I still a d-list celeb?…
8)Love is a gift u give yourself first before u can regift it
9)Did u momma tell u that u were pretty?..mommas do lie.
10)8day work week? Wat r we? Kids in kathylee giffords sweatshop?..

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PEI Vacation Photos 1:Str8 From the Island

Just a completely bononkers random photo post of some pix from our PEI trip to visit my best friend Connie and my goddaughters.

(As some random posts have inevitably shown up here, being totally not related to relationships and such, I figured I would just go with that, and keep up the  ADHD approach…to blogging) wink.


..and wonder who is in this shot?....


in the haunted fun house in PEI, Str8 and I enjoyed..

Sandspit amusement park, Cavendish PEI- we took Connie & the girls for the day

Summerside PEI, home to Connie & ma gurls..

nothing says yummy better then Cow's on the ferry into PEI..

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Snow Day, Str8 & Shovels: Photos

1st snow (/storm) of season, winter 2011

So, had the day off, and thankfully, the night before, Str8 and I rushed to Wal-Mart after I got off work, to get  a shovel.  These pix really do not do the extent of the snow fall justice.  It was quite the work out..

We shovelled three times, and I had to clear the debris from the plough the morning after.  It started off light and fluffy, but the temperature rose, and had made the snow heavier.

In between shovels and snow and sweat, watched 'the Walking Dead'

Thankfully, we never lost power.  Which is really common where I live.  Firstly, it is on the edge of the ‘city’, so my place is on the countryside grid.  Secondly, Nova Scotia Power is owned by the devil, I’m pretty sure.  I was used to the more reliable setup in Toronto.

Str8 naturally had to get onto his PS2, to play a game...

and we settled in for the day, as there was no way of getting about.  It was a really bad day.  We had over 90 accidents, scores of injuries and rather painfully long trips.  Ah, winter in the Maritimes.  Where it seems some of us forget where we live, and forget how to be careful in seasonal weather…but for us, we were safely tucked away at home, Str8 on his video games and I working on projects, before we settled in for the rest of the night watching movies, and cuddling.


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Attraction-the Good, the Bad and the Situation

Ever wonder why we do the things we do?  Why it is that we find it undeniable, that we instinctively make the same decisions over and over?

I can think of a few examples, but let us look at the men we love.  Well, we LOVE to have.  Just once.  But, like radioactive waste, we knew we should not even go near it.  But, could it hurt for just one look?  Oops, was that a line, and did I just cross it?

We knew we should eat more veggies.  A salad regularly is great for us and our health.  So is the good guys.  The guys that are exactly what we want.  The loving partner, supportive type.  The ‘he-looks-in-my-eyes-and-I-see-forever’ kind.  We all know these ones.  We want the ‘Notebook’, ‘Titanic’, ‘Mike and Molly’, relationships.  But, for most of us (if not all), at some time or another, have we not strayed on the dark side, and got a little sumin sumin that made us feel good..yet so wrong?

the perfect couple- the good guy and the good girl, Clair & Cliff Huxable

the food example of the good choice

You see these toxic temptations everywhere.  You have the conversation in your head.  You justify your heart flutter, the lusting looks, the wetness in your no-no place..come on, admit it!!  Right?  Like you don’t say to yourself: ‘I can’t, but he is just sooo hot!’, ‘I must be crazy!  What’s wrong with me?’, ‘Come to momma you nasty thing!’…really?  I can hear your giggles..

The men we hate, but we cannot get out of our heads.  The ones who have a list of conquests, and is a squirt away from a life time of AIDS cocktail?  I hate the Situation, but damn, if I wouldn’t sit on that in a heartbeat!  He is sleazy, and self-centered, lazy, egotistical and really not my type..however..

I think men can be like junk food.  You may be addicted.  You may eat more than you should.  You feel it afterwards..oh god, do you feel it afterwards…oh sorry..

Men and food.  We can lose ourselves, and become the living dead if we do not remember that we are the #1, and we need to take care of us.  We all have moments of weakness and be indulgent.  But, you know what happens if you lose control…There is nothing wrong with taking a bite of naughty now and then.  But being well-balanced is the key.  We do what we do for that high, for the feeling of euphoria.  We do what we do for pleasure.  And the pleasure from healthy, as opposed to unhealthy, is the lifetime high.  And maybe it is because that is more difficult to find and keep, that we gorge on the junk that gives us a more instant gratification, that we allow ourselves to starve in between binges on what gives us great pleasure and satisfaction as we do it?

the Situation...would be my guilty pleasure.. I get me some o dat

the food version of the Situation (poutine)-so bad, but yet so good!

the food version of the Situation (poutine)-so bad, but yet so good!

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Str8 to a New Cell- Mini Companion

Just as an update to the first month with his new cell, I wanted to get feedback from Mr. Str8.

I asked him how it is going.

Str8: the predict was better on my samsung.

Me: ok, well what else?  How do you like it?

Str8: It sucks.  Don’t really like the keys….and for what price I paid.  My Samsung was like $20, including the month…

Me: Ok. well, what rating, out of 5, would you give the LG Rumour2?

Str8: 1….these keys are way too close together.  I am going to have put up with this one, until it finally pisses me off like the last one, and it takes a swan dive to the floor..


Any bets to see how long this one will last?

And from my end, with my Blackberry Torch Touch 9860…..

I must say I really love it.  So far.  Although, it has  moments, where it thinks too long, or freezes.  So far, not an issue…

It is smooth, clear, and the touch screen works even with  mitts on.  The photo quality is ok. It is annoying, that the photos come out on the side. It does seem to select which videos it will play, though.  I have tried 6, and it only played 2.  Unless my cell is a fan of Bones, and not Xfactor, (which could explain it), it will take some xtra time to check when uploading a video, to see if it works or not. The length of the cell is great.  It is slim and easy to handle.  As far as weight, I rather enjoyed the Storm, for it being sturdy and heavy enough to handle, without fear of having it slide out of your hand, like the Torch.

Out of 5, I give my Torch, a 4.

blackberry Torch touch 9860



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Shit My Boyfriend texts

1) (appearing on MSN)’Don’t txt.  My keys are fucked.  Smashed the cell.

2) Fuck! I just locked the fucking keys in the house

3) Str8:Remember I said I felt I was forgetting something. the anti virous

Me: lol.. the anti virous?

Str8: opps, spel cheque!

4) Me: that hill will kill me, just saying

Str8: lmfo!

Me: Nice, sympathy n empathy, swell…..

Str8:  lol

Me: a great hubby..i could be near death, and u…really care. All choked up. Me sprawled all exorcist like on the side of the highway.. (ten minutes later)…aha.. I rest my case…

Str8: Lmfao!

Me: ok fine.  Even without a quippy comeback,don’t think I won’t blog this..Mr Morbid..more like..

Str8: lol, u r funny first thing in the morning!

Me: lol.. aw thanks, lack of sleep…

5) (Str8 back in the Cape, having power issues)..the power blinked off again….ths back already, i think this must be a NSPI way of a practical joke!……holy sweet american fuck! the power just went out again!…..


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Tis the Season: Conspiracy Theories & other Madness

Ah.. ‘tis the season. It is that time of festive lighting adorning homes, holiday colours of reds, greens, and apparently blues, strewn about. Of trees with decorations. Santas and snowpeople populating spaces in the world. Seasonal music teasing ears in malls. Stores packed up with the latest items, being promoted as great gifts. Smells of eggnog, vanilla, cinnamon, and ginger teasing you in places that feel most wonderful. Ah.. ‘tis the season. The anticipation of a family feast. The quality, loving time, spend with loved ones.

 Ah…’tis the season. Shopping. And this is where my Christmas spirit shrinks and wilts, and turns into coal. Really? I love shopping as much as the next diva. And I will admit, that as a poor diva, I have not always managed to get my shopping done in a timely fashion. I usually run around at the last-minute, hyped up on a deadly dose of caffeine, sugar, and murderous holiday determination like Richard Simmons on crack, trying to save the world from flubber. (The man is way more perky than I). I have racked up credit cards (still paying). I have been a Scrooge, and not done shopping. I remember the days when I actually did purchase gifts, reasonable, good gifts. I have not had money to do so for some years. Mary Walsh, I miss those days!! This year, I am pretty sure that if I have the extra cash, I will be picking out gift cards. I just adore the world now, where virtually every retailer has a selection of most standard options. And this year, I think my ESBL (expected shopping budget limit) will be the ever cheap and tawdry amount of $10!!! I know, big spender here! Lol.

 For those that say it is not about gift giving, I say you probably deny alien life, and think that Brian Mulroney was a great Prime Minister. See, I knew it! Pour hot cider in my eyes and call me applehead. I know how this works.

 The conspiracy started with a covert Christian group, not unlike the Men in Black, or the A-Team. And they made a pact with retailers to commercialize Christmas. To make it the most lucrative event in history. Not even ticket sales to Lady Gaga or ‘Twilight’ can compare. The genius is in the mass marketing of ‘good will’ to humankind. That gift giving is the root of this most glitzy holiday. The biggest ticket items like Popples, Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Star Wars, Avatar, XBox, Red Rider Bebe guns, flat screen LCD internet connected 3D TVs, and more have all been given the stamp to be the ‘it’ item of the year. I will have done of it.

No sir. Not this diva. I will not help support the greed of capitalism and the desperate attempt of countries to try to use poor citizens to float the economy! While they sit and sun in the south of France. I will pick up my debit card, and swipe it like a princess warrior and her sword, well into the new year, while exhausted retail cashiers are still blow torching off their bunions, and corns. I will spend my hard-earned money and purchase sales items, and give them as gifts with a clear conscience. And I will do my part to dent the master plan to take a holiday of love, generosity, kindness and family, and turn it into a glittery explosion of money spending insanity.

This diva is on a crusade!!! Who’s with me?!……anyone?…

 Ah… ‘tis the season to be jolly… cha ching, cha ching, cha ching.


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