Str8 to a New Cell- Mini Companion

Just as an update to the first month with his new cell, I wanted to get feedback from Mr. Str8.

I asked him how it is going.

Str8: the predict was better on my samsung.

Me: ok, well what else?  How do you like it?

Str8: It sucks.  Don’t really like the keys….and for what price I paid.  My Samsung was like $20, including the month…

Me: Ok. well, what rating, out of 5, would you give the LG Rumour2?

Str8: 1….these keys are way too close together.  I am going to have put up with this one, until it finally pisses me off like the last one, and it takes a swan dive to the floor..


Any bets to see how long this one will last?

And from my end, with my Blackberry Torch Touch 9860…..

I must say I really love it.  So far.  Although, it has  moments, where it thinks too long, or freezes.  So far, not an issue…

It is smooth, clear, and the touch screen works even with  mitts on.  The photo quality is ok. It is annoying, that the photos come out on the side. It does seem to select which videos it will play, though.  I have tried 6, and it only played 2.  Unless my cell is a fan of Bones, and not Xfactor, (which could explain it), it will take some xtra time to check when uploading a video, to see if it works or not. The length of the cell is great.  It is slim and easy to handle.  As far as weight, I rather enjoyed the Storm, for it being sturdy and heavy enough to handle, without fear of having it slide out of your hand, like the Torch.

Out of 5, I give my Torch, a 4.

blackberry Torch touch 9860




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