Attraction-the Good, the Bad and the Situation

Ever wonder why we do the things we do?  Why it is that we find it undeniable, that we instinctively make the same decisions over and over?

I can think of a few examples, but let us look at the men we love.  Well, we LOVE to have.  Just once.  But, like radioactive waste, we knew we should not even go near it.  But, could it hurt for just one look?  Oops, was that a line, and did I just cross it?

We knew we should eat more veggies.  A salad regularly is great for us and our health.  So is the good guys.  The guys that are exactly what we want.  The loving partner, supportive type.  The ‘he-looks-in-my-eyes-and-I-see-forever’ kind.  We all know these ones.  We want the ‘Notebook’, ‘Titanic’, ‘Mike and Molly’, relationships.  But, for most of us (if not all), at some time or another, have we not strayed on the dark side, and got a little sumin sumin that made us feel good..yet so wrong?

the perfect couple- the good guy and the good girl, Clair & Cliff Huxable

the food example of the good choice

You see these toxic temptations everywhere.  You have the conversation in your head.  You justify your heart flutter, the lusting looks, the wetness in your no-no place..come on, admit it!!  Right?  Like you don’t say to yourself: ‘I can’t, but he is just sooo hot!’, ‘I must be crazy!  What’s wrong with me?’, ‘Come to momma you nasty thing!’…really?  I can hear your giggles..

The men we hate, but we cannot get out of our heads.  The ones who have a list of conquests, and is a squirt away from a life time of AIDS cocktail?  I hate the Situation, but damn, if I wouldn’t sit on that in a heartbeat!  He is sleazy, and self-centered, lazy, egotistical and really not my type..however..

I think men can be like junk food.  You may be addicted.  You may eat more than you should.  You feel it afterwards..oh god, do you feel it afterwards…oh sorry..

Men and food.  We can lose ourselves, and become the living dead if we do not remember that we are the #1, and we need to take care of us.  We all have moments of weakness and be indulgent.  But, you know what happens if you lose control…There is nothing wrong with taking a bite of naughty now and then.  But being well-balanced is the key.  We do what we do for that high, for the feeling of euphoria.  We do what we do for pleasure.  And the pleasure from healthy, as opposed to unhealthy, is the lifetime high.  And maybe it is because that is more difficult to find and keep, that we gorge on the junk that gives us a more instant gratification, that we allow ourselves to starve in between binges on what gives us great pleasure and satisfaction as we do it?

the Situation...would be my guilty pleasure.. I get me some o dat

the food version of the Situation (poutine)-so bad, but yet so good!

the food version of the Situation (poutine)-so bad, but yet so good!


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