Snow Day, Str8 & Shovels: Photos

1st snow (/storm) of season, winter 2011

So, had the day off, and thankfully, the night before, Str8 and I rushed to Wal-Mart after I got off work, to get  a shovel.  These pix really do not do the extent of the snow fall justice.  It was quite the work out..

We shovelled three times, and I had to clear the debris from the plough the morning after.  It started off light and fluffy, but the temperature rose, and had made the snow heavier.

In between shovels and snow and sweat, watched 'the Walking Dead'

Thankfully, we never lost power.  Which is really common where I live.  Firstly, it is on the edge of the ‘city’, so my place is on the countryside grid.  Secondly, Nova Scotia Power is owned by the devil, I’m pretty sure.  I was used to the more reliable setup in Toronto.

Str8 naturally had to get onto his PS2, to play a game...

and we settled in for the day, as there was no way of getting about.  It was a really bad day.  We had over 90 accidents, scores of injuries and rather painfully long trips.  Ah, winter in the Maritimes.  Where it seems some of us forget where we live, and forget how to be careful in seasonal weather…but for us, we were safely tucked away at home, Str8 on his video games and I working on projects, before we settled in for the rest of the night watching movies, and cuddling.



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2 responses to “Snow Day, Str8 & Shovels: Photos

  1. Because I live in the tropics, that’s a whole lot of snow right there for me.

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