As Seen on Twitter 1

therealbryon Gay In The CIty 

1) Gay test: play a remix of ‘it’s raining men’..any male who dances, sings, or remotely responds in excitement=gay..
2)@jannarden lol…great idea..about to commit mass vegetable murder-a salad..
3)Petition for Xfactor Canada..I want judges: #zachwarner#maestrofreshwes@jullyblack, & @jannarden …& the fabulous host..
4)Kindness is the cheapest gift to give..pass it on
5)Gay bars=box of chocolates: some just look, some nibble, some r choosy, others eat it all til they get sick..
6)Ah..pretty blinking red xmas bad..those r taillights on cars in traffic merging at magazine hill…
7)1501 tweet..does that get a nomination for something?..or am I still a d-list celeb?…
8)Love is a gift u give yourself first before u can regift it
9)Did u momma tell u that u were pretty?..mommas do lie.
10)8day work week? Wat r we? Kids in kathylee giffords sweatshop?..

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