2012: Hello (mini)

Happy New Year all!  It is 2012 now and 5 days in, and all ready to get the jazz off my squishy bootie and get the year started.

My big thing is Mr. Str8 got me my new camera, a Canon Powershot sx40.  YAY!! Not a pro, with all the lenses and such, but pretty much the top of the line digial, just under the bottom SLRs.  And I have been experimenting with it.  And you all know what that means- self-indulgent postings of my trial and error shots.  Boy, you all are lucky.

Been on Netflix.ca a fair bit over the holidays.  Watched all of ‘Farscape’, and now into ‘Sliders’.  Cooked up a bit also.  Had Christmas dinner at my step-mother’s.  Str8 and I still have to do our own, as he worked over the holidays, and I just ended a 7 day in a row work week.. can we say smashing start to the year?

 Looking forward to the year.  Shooting photos.  Slimming down.  New job?  It should prove a year of  being interesting.

Hope everyone had a great holiday, and was spoiled by Santa. 

And here’s to all those wordpressers that take time to read my stuff, to those I have discovered and have been entertaining me, and to the many new fellow bloggers I hope to find this year.  

think positive, and take care.


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