2011: Indulgent Photos….

Taking more time trying to work on digital photo art, I seem to have a bunch that only I seem to like…Mr. Str8 and Carly, in their different ways, have been clear: keep trying….

My step-daughter and I have a great day, while I was visiting Cape Breton one weekend, we drove around, and as luck would have it, my 4 year old Olympus camera finally died… It was getting progressively worse over the year, and died… RIP buddy…

Arichat, Cape Breton, NS

feeding one of the borders who stayed in the shed..

The raccoon family have since moved on.. sadly…sooo cute!

Blooming Tea..herbal tea that also is a centre piece..

I love the idea of making healthy herbal teas for guests, and having it as the actual centre piece…

a dear friend's mother made me a pride coloured dream catcher...

I very much love this dream catcher.  It is one of my most favourite pieces ever!

Point Pleasant Park main entrance house

We spent so many weekends going to Point Pleasant Park to feed the squirrels.  And with the camera acting up, only very few shots actually came out. I love this one, as the lil one is in the feeding compartment, so close.

Halifax Pride Parade

Pride is always a great time.  Not as crazy and packed as Toronto, but so far, every year, without incident.

Put this together for a gay teen follower who was struggling with coming out and bullying.

On my tumblr, chatted with a young teen, trying to deal with coming out-the home and school situations.  It was a quick mash but, I like it.

my step-daughter in this one

wrapped up me

Peggy's Cove, NS

Purdy Towers, Halifax

Public Gardens, Halifax

misty morning over the highway

Mr. Str8 making potatoes for dinner- even for 4!

Highlights and chuckles of 2011..


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