Follow Me And I Will Follow You: And Other Semi-Truths

Social networking allows for creative, talented, and ego-centric individuals the chance to share, interact, learn, connect.

Getting into the wordpress, tumblr, twiter end of community sharing, you virtually are at the front door, in all your nakedness and inviting strangers into your home.  Ok, not so much your home, as in your etherworld net site.  Naked, well, if that clicks your like button, then ok…  We have the facebooks, with many people we have actually met-friends, co-workers, family, what have you.  Even the strangers there, we have for some common reason.  When we open up to blogs, and the like, then we suddenly have less familiarity with those that randomly come by chance upon your masterpiece.  How many people do we actually know on these things?  I can see really cool, youthful student types, the artistes, all flocking to blog.  A mutual admiration society.  Gosh, that sounds so fun!

They post, then read, share, comment and follow each other.  Flock of Lemmings, release their debut CD, Blog Blood Bud.  I actually know only one blogger, who has a right cool blog.  Everyone else are strangers with the potential of being friends.

Mysterious shimmering apparitions travelling the optic digital galaxy.  (Shimmering, well, I like shiny things).  And some randomly find their way onto our blogs.  Some pass by without acknowledgment.  Some, glance.  Others take time to read.  Once your phamtasimistic visit enjoys, they make themselves known, by giving you a sign.  Liking, following, commenting… some how, they let you know, ‘hey, I was here’.  Just like those annoying ‘killroy was here’ graffiti. 

On occasion, you encounter these surfers of the web, and they join in your commune.  I mean, following your blog.  And, since your new and eager like a puppy, you take a trip to their blog, and check them out.  Finding out that the surface is very different from your own, you think, ‘ok, I know I am fabulous, but really?  You?  Me?’  Ok, whatever.  Cool.  And you are courteous and read and comment on their recent posting.  Funny thing… seems they suddenly disappeared again into the void.  Ok?

These over excited visitors are impulsive, and tend to like and follow everything.  Like a know the type.  Addictive personalities, Alcoholic, chocoholic, jersey shoroholic….

These blogaholics, do not see the bigger picture.  If you post the best post ever, they think ‘huh, I want to follow this one’.  But, you later realize, this most amazing blogger is not someone you generally like, support or associate with.  Blindsided, they rush to disconnect from you.  I see, so, the review of the new restaurant made you think I was a professional food critic, and you are obsessed with food critics, so say restraining orders stacked on your new lawyer’s desk?  Ah, so the photos of the garden, because it had red, white and blue, you followed then realized that it was shot by (insert the faction of humanity you lest like) and oops, unfollow!

Really?  I am green and new to all this blog stuff.  I set it up, post, check out the fresh awesomeness, and like.  Truly, there is no way to actually follow every one of the gifted bloggers.  I have yet to read, and jump on board, only to change my mind.

And, my observation is not a random rant, as I can tie it to relationships.  Now follow me on this one.  People like many more posts than they follow.  We all like other people, however, we do not date them all.  EEEW.  We try really hard to have that feeling for someone special.  Likewise, for following.  I feel drawn to many, but I try to only connect with ones more likely to be long-lasting.  I will return to those that I remember, and check them out again.  We try to follow those that give us the most impact.  

Some of us, though, are serial followers, and hop blog to blog, loving all.  We call them sleazy.  (I have many other words for them).  I will like as many as I can.  Even if I have to seek out a different post, per se, I will try to like everyone.  But, follow?  I do want to follow everyone, the problem is that I have such a short attention span as it is, I will sacrifice many if I try to organize reading everyone.   I will get to this one four times a week, while ten others sob in loneliness for my cruel absence. 

I would be blog-ho, truly, I would.  So, please accept my humble apologies now, in case I miss you.  I will never follow you, and leave you.  I am a monogamous blog-follower. I may blog and tell, but I only follow where my heart takes me.

So, with my ego bruised, I think medications for my delusions of grandeur are more than necessary.  In  fact I demand it.  Then maybe I will not worry about who follows me or not.  After all, it is all about following yourself first, before anyone else can follow you.

With all my following….


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