Winter Survival Tips for Couples: Top 5

In this time of the season, as many of us find freezing and thawing a regular routine, outside of the warmer weather of overheated and need for mocha chillers, I have a few handy ideas for keeping warm.

Top 5:  5) Find movies, TV shows that you both enjoy, play them on your laptop, supported on a box or a make-shift base.  You and your partner can get into bed, covered in blankets, prop up on pillows, and snuggle.  Close proximity and body heat will make even watching documentaries much more fun.  What you do once warm is up to you…

              4) Risk hypothermia to get to the market, pick up ingredients for some of your most favourite recipes, and get that oven on.  Cook and bake up a storm together.  The extra heat and activity will surely have a good effect on a couple.  Just try to leave some food to actually use in making your romantic menu. 

              3) If you are winter sluggish, get motivated with watching a simple exercise routine.  Get warmed, sweaty, and try paired techniques like spotting for sit-ups, or turn mundane reps into a seductive foreplay.

              2) Play war in the snow.  If you have pets, or kids, use them as weapons.  If kids, leave them out, to finish the game, so you have some quality time.  Hide in a secluded part of the house, so the kids cannot find you.  Lock doors to keep them out. 

              1) Pool all of your money, and get away.  Run, drive, dog sled away to a local hotel, resort, or if possible, runaway to a hotspot.  Barring funds for this: get to the liquor store.  At least you both can get warmed and forget the winter cold. 

And that is as real as it gets.


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