As Seen on Twitter 2

Gay In The CIty @therealbryon

1) Gurl…watcha done to ur hair? From now on…weave it alone…

2) #5ThingsICantStand-racism,ignorance,fakes,sluts,and most of all, I cant stand snack machines that steal ur $, without giving up my chips

3) I may be a muggle…but I do have a Harry potter….

4) Air Canada now hiring cats as pilots? Moew a word from the captain

5) Officially done finding an agent..this one is 12..I can’t work with someone when most of my socks r older Than u.. Sorry skippy

6) @buckhollywoodand how to lick the frosting off the penis cake..

7) #jannarden…uncover me 2 CD….on 4… There’s crack in those tracks, I’m pretty sure..

8) New Tim’s xlrg is most awesome. Lasted for days…must budget for xtra $..

9) I Must say…the agents willing to rep. A d-list celeb locally is like choosing a dented can from the discount bin..without a label….

10) @Kelseeyaleexgurl.. gay lesson 2…cher is always the answer..

11) Mr. Str8: this one is more diva than rihanna..Gay In The CIty @therealbryon

 12) Neverland sounds fun. However, if u fly, and want to stop…can u land in neverland? Its all in the name kids..


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