Resolution Pep Talk

With a new year begun, and the seasons about to change, one can look at the world and re-evaluate the resolutions, ideas, goals and actions to make a course correction.  Promises over holidays, plans for how you want to the year to be, are easy to make.  Without even a bead of sweat, you can make lofty ideals.  You really want to quite smoking.  Get fit.  Go on a trip.  Call your sister more. 

It’s all fine and noble, but let us ask now: have you been taking it into action?  Fulfill your destiny?  I have made my share.  And simply, I am still trying to get on track.  Easier said than done.

firstly, I finally have some real cash saved up, but for all the things I keep thinking on, I find I still have some sitting there, waiting for me to spend.  Downpayment on a new car?  Laser eye surgery?  Computer?  Trip?  Meh, I want, need them all.  But, without enough to do all, I have to be smart and figure out which would be most beneficial.  I mean, I could really use the money to pay on debts.  Naw, that is way too smart for me.  I am in dire need of a new laptop.  For this, I can go cheap, and make installments as I go, and while nearly bleeding financially, I could manage.

And, I found out recently, that we get a corporate rate for the gym.  With my not fitting my size 29 pants, and small shirts anymore, I really have been lamenting about getting back into shape.  And I would have start the affordable membership already, if it were not for the bus strike.  There is no location in walking distance from my house, so it is not like I can get about in any reasonable fashion.  The best part is, that my office buidling is attached to a mall, with a gym.  Since I am subject to transportation by carpooling with a co-worker, I am as it were, hog-tied.  Once the strike is over, I will have the chance to get there after work regularly, while Mr. Str8 is away, working.  I can be the slimmer me, but it is just a mirage for now.

I also find myself needing to replace my 3 year old wacked laptop.  It is acting up so badly, I can barely manage to do any one thing on it, without it looking at me, saying ‘computer says no’….there, that is the rub.  I financed my last one, and the final payment is due in the summer.  I will have long smashed it by then, if not for the painful charging of my credit card to get back to my ability to do my photo art. 

And with the new awesome camera I got as a christmas present from Mr. Str8, I have been forced to learn it inside my subpar house, as the weather has been cold enough to prevent me from actually venturing outside to use it.  Suffering from raynaud’s, has made me, well, a bear.  In most senses of the word.  I also will need to purchase a backup battery pack (over $80) to ensure on those days I am out shooting everything up in sight, that it  will last longer than a couple of hours…(insert sigh here)

A car would be nice, but I figure, I have survived for 4 years without one since it was written off by being t-boned…. (give me a minute, it still makes me weep)…  So, that is a long term goal.

With the approaching of the ‘hill’, and the downward tumble of age staring me full in my face, I realized the lessons of life, rather late.  I will admit freely, I am not one of the sharpest tools in the shed.  Still, I know enough not to promise myself anything I cannot deliver.  As I had done for some many years.  Resolutions and goals are great.  It is how motivated you are to obtain them, that is the key.

Those unspoken, the many little wins we have daily, the forgettable ones, are the ones we need to remember, hold up as the measure of our ability to achieve.  To keep the faith. So what if we put on some extra pounds. So we ate more junk food.  The leaky kitchen tap, finally drove you over the deep end?  You are still smoking a pack a day?  Hey, guess what?  You are human.  And if you really want something, you will get it, do it, or fail trying.  And try again.  Excuses stop meaning anything after a million usages.  It is nearing the end of winter and spring is in the air. 

Do you not think that spring should be the time you set yourself into action?  Renew your faith in yourself.  Believe.  And do.  I am done with the whining.  it is time we play for keeps.  And I have been lazy far too long.  You can do it.  Stop thinking, and like Nike slogan says, ‘Just Do It’!


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