Fitness and Brain Farts- a Mini Update

Hello and how are you today?  It is time for one of my usually lackluster update and filler posts.

Survived a transit strike for about 6 weeks.  Working overtime to make up for lost hours.  Trying to get my taxes done.  No rest for the poor, I say.

And I guess the newest news is I have finally completed the action to my 2 year debate to get in shape.  Yup, you guessed it… therealbryon is going back to the gym, bloggees, yo! And not a minute too soon!  My mid-section is nearly half the size it was when i first started working out, some years ago.  I have clothes I have not worn in 2 years, and am dangerously not fitting the bigger ones I had to buy last year.  It’s like I am  taking my flubber to divorce court.  Here in Canada, that is a valid comparison.  Divorces are expensive, long drawn out, painful and once the weight is gone, you feel better.

I have started to change my dietary habits too.  More furits, veggies, protein, less junk.  Ok, it’s a work in progress people.  I have made small, daily  changes.  And if you were about to ask about Mr. Str8 in all this- please don’t.  I have more junk food in the house now than ever!  It’s like he is tempting me with salts, carbs and sugars!  That’s fine.  I am evening the score, by feeding a vegan dinner, he wont know is meatless….. The devious mind in motion.

And like previous posts about my mishaps, there a quick one.

So, I finally got to the gym, to sign up.  Was so excited, (some fine eye candy), and stunned that a current promotion had no funds upfront, that I was in a daze.  I rushed off to get the bus.  Took it all the way home on the 26 minute ride.  Walked the 12 minutes to about 5 houses from mine.. only to realize my bag with my wallet AND house key was not with me.  I left it at the gym…..back to the bus terminal, waited the 30 min for the next bus, got off, rushed into the mall.. got my bag and ran to the same bus, to go back home.  The universe had a giggle.

And so my fellow bloggers, I am on the road to fit-dom.  And ready to do so.  Not only is it for me, for how I feel and my health.  There is also a little thing called challenge.  I had complained about my weight gain, and told Str8 in my most determined voice, that I was going to get back into my size 28 pants and small tops.  He laughed, and said, “That’ll never happen!”  So supportive right?  I am a diva on a mission folks, a mission I say!  Str8 will not win!

Thanks for listening.  And be real.


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