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Shit Mr. Str8 says Update

Well, it has been forever since my last post.  Things have been rather rough for a while, mostly finding myself laid off and unemployed for over a month. I regretfully hadn’t been writing as much.  However, I at a turning point, and angst, is a great inspiration.

So, with a broken heart, after close to three years, I find myself single again, Mr. Str8 has left the building, left a void in my life. I am still in shock, and dealing with the events. I decided to not do any more quotes, instead, work on other material.

So with that rather depressing news.. hope you all have been well and happy.

I will be back shortly.



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Daily Photo- Proud Canuck

Patriotic me…Olympic mitts, scarf and fleece pillow…

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Daily Photo

Green Gables, home to Anne, in Prince Edward Island, over 100 years of entertaining the world with her spirit and red hair..

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Photo for the Day

One of my delicious Sunday breakfasts for Mr. Str8 and I.. his had the chocolate syrup, mine is the lighter fare ….naturally..

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to one and all.  May the spirit of love, joy, peace and family find you well and safe, not just now, but every day of the year.

May dreams, wishes and hopes come true and may all of you be happy.

Take care and see you all again soon.



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Pictou, NS: Str8 Scenery

Str8 and I stayed in Pictou, NS, to go to the drive-in movie theatre.  A first for Str8.  So, we stayed at a fabulous B&B, the Willow House Inn.  Turns out, I knew their daughter well-she was my doctor’s receptionist for years, and then worked at one of my jobs with me!

Willow House Inn B&B..Str8 & I loved stayin there.

We enjoyed the town very much.  Historic, quaint, pretty.  It really reminded me of the cottage resort towns in Ontario.  I was very happy with the weekend. Wonder what adventures next summer will have?

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PEI Vacation Photos 1:Str8 From the Island

Just a completely bononkers random photo post of some pix from our PEI trip to visit my best friend Connie and my goddaughters.

(As some random posts have inevitably shown up here, being totally not related to relationships and such, I figured I would just go with that, and keep up the  ADHD approach…to blogging) wink.


..and wonder who is in this shot?....


in the haunted fun house in PEI, Str8 and I enjoyed..

Sandspit amusement park, Cavendish PEI- we took Connie & the girls for the day

Summerside PEI, home to Connie & ma gurls..

nothing says yummy better then Cow's on the ferry into PEI..

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See the Colours We Are: A Rant

OK.  Bit of a rant.  Had experienced a couple of things in the past month or so.  1) I had accompanied my friend Tayon and her mother to blown up incident involving one of her sons, before meeting Carlie for a night out. 2) Overheard some racial slurs at random in public.  And I realized something.  Somethings have not changed in the world.  So, I reflected on myself and how I see the world.  That I admit I am  unusual, and a bit of a farce, at times.  But at least I can face myself.   And laugh at myself.  Be who we are, (Native Canadian, black, white, Asian, Middle Eastern, or gay), I get right pissed at racial profiling and ignorance.  So, just wanted to put out there a viewpoint from my head.

The best part of being raised out of Nova Scotia, and in the hood of Jane and Finch in North York (Toronto), was that coming home, here, I see things as (what we call) a ‘fromawayer’.  Toronto, with its ethnic neighbourhoods, meant, that I could see, experience, things from the perspective of the people who made it a bridge from where they came, to the melting pot of Canada.

While I did have friends who were like me, (white, and ‘Canadian’), I grew surrounded by the joys of Chinatown, Little Italy, little India, the Hungarian hood, and the Caribbean.

I knew early on I was different.  And trying to find myself, I tried on being a Prep, a Mod, a Rocker.  I spent much time with my friends who had exotic, colourful cultures, that made me realize, I am Canadian, and that we all come ‘from away’.

I would make pillows, and pillowcases, and apply fabric in frames, made of sari.  I loved saltfish and ackee, jerk chicken, curry everything, and real Chinese and Japanese foods.  Every week in junior and high schools, we would make our way to the Jamaican store to get Jamaican patties on a bun.  And drink ginger root beer.

I was different, and the Kraft dinner, hambugers, hot dogs, and fish cakes were good.  But gimme spicy, hot, delicious food!!

I was awkward and overweight, compensating for the instinctive programming of being gay.  I denied it as long as I could, and embraced things that were not from the world I was raised.

It sickens me that after all the struggles, plights, challenges, and plagues, humans have suffered at the hands of each other in time, that we still have not learned lessons.

People see me. White. And flamboyant. Hell, I am queer and proud of it.  I see people too.  It is not just that as caste of humans, that the gays have adopted the rainbow to represent the vast community we are.  But as hope for all of us to see colour.

I get mad at whites who say shit like, ‘I don’t see skin colour’, or, ‘I have friends who are (pick a colour)’

I see colour.  I see pink, white, brown, black, and all the fabulous shades of humanity.  It is our differences that make up this world.  Without colour, it is not just black and white.  It would dull.

I know pain.  Fear. Humiliation. Loathing. Hatred. Suffering.

I know love. Joy. Happiness. Peace.

I haven’t lived a life of others.  I can empathize.  I can try to understand. I can weep at the darkness humans inflict upon each other.

I can admire, and hope, and laugh and open my heart.  I can open my mind.

I still have faith for us.  I believe. I wish.  I make a stand.

I will eat my curry chicken, or ox tale, or lasagna.  Listen to reggae, bollywood, or musicals.  I will be walking the street like a runway model a la RuPaul, and gurl, don’t get me all up in ur tired ass grill…cos those heels r da bomb!!!

I will ogle, and objectify men (damn, boi, that junk don’t stop!) And do it from an ironic heart.

I will be fierce.  I will be me.  I am the life I have led.  I will balance my good with my bad.  I will hang my dream catchers, wear my moccasin boots, make shit out of sari and I will see you.

Whatever colour.  Creed. Nationality. Good actions or bad.  I expect you to see me too.


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Str8 Dirty on Diva Clean: Companion

So, on a timely note, Str8’s sisters popped in to say hello, while I was at work. I had a coronary, thinking about people being in my house in it’s current condition.  Although I was told there was positive response, I am voting to tear through this place.  Kim and Aggie, please come on in!

just a point of reference from the article.





Lynda Reeves launched the home decor and design movement in Canada.  While not as well know as Martha Stewart, Lynda is more than just our version.  The House & Home empire is one of our best.



Lynda Reeves, Design Goddess





One of my idols







Reeves has the most taste of any decor designer I know.

and then

Steven Sabados and partner Chris Hyndman, recently







we have Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman, gurus, design gods who started with their own firm, now helm their empire, based out of the studios at CBC, home to their highly rated and loved daytime talk show.

Their last true design series






They out grew their original TV series, Designer Guys, and let newer home gurus take the helm.  They had a short lived run with this one.

The Designer Guys







Back when they first started and helped to revolutionize design in Canada, and became celebrities as in the U.S., and overseas.

Hellen Buttigieg, organizational goddess








Personal coach, design diva, therapist.  I love this woman!!!







this lady knows how to get it done, and efficiently and neatly and fabulously.

Hellen's TV series






and this was the launch of the next great design empire to grace Canada.

one of her later design series.  Debbie has become a champion of good, and an angel to so many, with shows about helping people and surprising deserving ordinary folk






this one she helped young people get the chance to do good with their lives, by giving them the chance to learn on this reality like show the skills to build a new life.







a leader in do-it-yourself. loves her





her latest angel design series, where she surprises unsuspecting local heroes with suped up rooms and home renos.  She gets the community to do the work.

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Urban Canadian Dolls: Hit or Miss?

Great Idea

Came across this picture this week.   Seems the creators wanted to have Canadian dolls to represent girls from Canada, with background stories, to help them learn about their country, be proud, and learn morals about being a good person. Great Idea. But as it is a Canadian thing, I at this time, have not seen or heard of these dolls.  But rest assured, I will investigate this more.

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