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To Try

In the way of love, you meet and try

To get together to love, you feel it deep and sigh

Hold on to fantasies of him and start to date.

So hold your head up high

Don’t be afraid to try

Go get that one you want

Let him know how you feel

You never know what will happen

Tell him how he makes you feel.

Don’t be afraid to try

He makes you weak

He has that certain thing

Maybe he likes you too

Never know til you try.

When something feels this good

Never let it go away

After the heartache of the past

This time try to make it last.


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Story Idea 1

A part of a story I am working on. …… like to hear comments.

Before the Highest Power

The mist that danced around her was soothing, after the fall through the vortex.  The pulsing, radiating power made it difficult to breathe.  The mists drifted out, and before her, in the multi-hued blues of drifting lights and dense fog, she gasped at the shape now becoming solid.

Getting used to this world she was now a part of, she almost forgot to gag at the sight.  Although none of her senses were being assaulted by the common foulness, she nevertheless tensed her muscles.

The palpitating mass of bumped, wet ectoplasmic flesh shivered.  The opening of a large eye, flat black on filmy white, startled her.  Even a couple of meters from her, it rose like a giant green beach ball.  She curled her nose, realizing that it looked more brain-like.  Then it spoke.

You have come here, where it is forbidden.  You have arrogance to stand before Us.  It echoed in her head, more than actually spoke.  Somehow knowing that she too could just think, she spoke out loud just the same.

        “I came here for answers.  We’ve put our lives in jeopardy to fight for you.  And most of us were thrown into it, expected to be perfect and….”  Starting off shaky and nervous, she quickly found a strong voice.  She jumped at the vibrations of the thing’s sound in her head.

Insolence! Whom do you think you are speaking to!  We construct all that is you.  We do not answer questions.  Your destiny is as it is.  The voice rumbled in her ears.

        “Please forgive me.  I beg of you.  We are trying to live up to this ‘destiny’ you bestowed on us.  Our lives have changed.  I just hope, wonder, if you really got the right warriors.”

She felt the honesty flow, like lazy water, all over her.  The humming toned down.  The voice less threatening.

You seek to know what you do is true.  It is.  You are more than chosen.  You are the one.  The all.  The now, the before.  Of the chosen, one shall lead.  All are where and when they belong.  The balance of good and evil was tipped and all beings fuelled the chaos.  The Protectors of Good replaced order.  Knights to banish the minions of darkness.  We are the Highest Powers.  You are as you should be.  All that was, is, and will be, is no more than anything.   It was written, shall be told and is becoming.  All that you seek, you have in possession.  The hero, which is one, is the whole.  All are seeds cradled on the wind.  Everything is nothing, and nothing is everything.  You will be what you must when it is so.  All will be written as the force of Magjyks is, will be and was.  This is Our answer.  Go and fulfill your destiny as it was, as you will, only as you can.

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