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A Couple of Quick Updates

This is what I talk about. Thanks for sharing.

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Infamous Tweets

Welcome to snowtimes. Where the snow never ends

Good ice age morning tweeps..just saw a wholly mammoth trying to warm up in the terminal…

So much for tonight’s plan to start my new celebrity stalking campaign… Dear #RickMercer, snowcheque on delivering fake pizza…

Oohh… I could chat with @Jannarden, or @benmulroney… Wait.. Is there an expiration date on restraining orders?- anyone??

Dear snow… Can u wait to visit again, til after the warm n the sun kills ur cousins covering my driveway first? Thnx.

surprising how sometimes being spontaneous can light the fire of the soul. Remind us that sometimes, the ghosts we run from…r those inside

2 simple rules to follow when picking things off ground: 1-if u got sexy bum-bend at waist. 2-if not (most of u all), do not bend at waist.

so 1hr of toss’n’turning- too sick, too tired..classic music on , blog reading and herbal sleep and detox tea

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Equality For All?

Under the notion that all are created equal, it then would seem to me, (and I am rather slanted in this), that we all have the same potential to do good and bad.  That individual growth will shape us, and the world around us.  Some may have less to work with, while others have D&G, four-leaf clovers and Iphones shooting out of their blow holes.

If this ideal is to be used by any group or organization, then really, wouldn’t they see the vast sea of variations?  Or is that too much to ask for?  That the mission statement of a communal philosophy should recognize that we are all full of potential? 

I do not remember ever hearing ‘all whom we deem equal, we shall honour them’….  Well, maybe the likes of Hitler…

We all bleed the same.  We all feel emotion.  We all do the best with what we have.  Some manage better than others.  Some cannot look to the light. 

Have we really evolved to the point of equality, or are we on the brink of sliding back down that slick, hateful hill into the abyss?  How equal are we really?

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Old Friends

Out of the blue, on a perfectly normal day, I was surprised to find a letter from an old friend.  One with whom I hadn’t communicated with from some time.  Actually, it has been months.  And it revealed some unpleasant events.

First of all, in my own defense, I had started to write a letter to my wayward amie for her birthday.  One I have signed, yet to seal and deliver.  Procrastination.  Yes, thy middle name is such.  No other excuse, as I have plenty of time, and a stamp floating about.

Then there is the whole other shoe to drop.  Long distant relationships are hard on those who want to do it.  But, for friends who had fallings out, who have missed out on a small chunk of time, these really do fail.  I had every intention to try to make it work.  I, being the romantic I am, believe that forgiveness can work, can put a fresh coat of paint over the cracked and bumpy walls.  I left behind a life; with all the joys and all the baggage one usually tries to forget.

Learning the disheartening news made me feel, naturally, guilt ridden.  Not that my own personal hell was enough for consideration by everyone else.  As if my story earned a medal or something.  It served to reinforce the simple fact that life is something we must toil with, that it’s the hardest thing, just to be alive.  And everything we experience is designed to make it more challenging.

Why is it we can go through life with a view that suits us, that once it becomes past tense, the blinders melt away and we are left to see the whole, ugly vista?  How do we rebuild, or remake a relationship with someone we knew once, but can keep in touch with by paper?  Can we put aside the things that caused us grief with friends, and reconnect with them at a later time?  Have they changed?  Have we?  Are we old friends, or new friends with history?

I am the first to admit I am bad at keeping order.  I rarely do anything on time, or the way most people do things.  I hate that I cause distress in others.  That my inaction causes loss of faith and trust that I can’t begin to repay.  That I try to over look the negative, which, I did in the beginning, and it proved to be the down fall.

Even before anyone can interject, I have had my share of negativity.  I was a difficult person to befriend I know.  Most of us, at some point, are like that.  Part of that complex human nature philosophy.  I am far from perfect.  I think I have grown some, matured, and even opened my mind some.  But I can’t help to wonder, if I have progressed so much, and so has my friend, why do I have a caution sign flashing in my head?

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Musing- Trust and Love

Just when I thought it was safe in the world of relationships of my friends, a comet appears on a collision course. A large asteroid.

SK has been trying to keep things together since she and boyfriend I moved in together a few months ago.  The last blip on the relationship radar came in and tested their mettle.  He was getting cold, which is the first sign of  the entering fire of the final stage of entry.  In the case of a relationship, the start of the big bang.

The impact, or implosion, started (as it often does) with a simple omission of the truth.  I ran into an ex at a store, and failed to mention this to SK.  The plot thickened with SK noticing the said ex.  When confronted with this, I played it off saying that he was going to tell her.  Which begs the question: why not be upfront with her in the first place?

This next bump on their road is a deja vue for me.  I ‘m still processing the same argument over my relationship with EX.  It’s difficult to comfort her with my own experience with EX, as they are (suppose to be) better friends. Yes, SK is EX’s friend, and mine by default.  I wasn’t smitten with her in the beginning, but she has turned out the be very good for EX.  We share an obsession with Sex and the City, (yeah I know) and this has lead us to building our own independent connection from EX.

SK was an unwitting accomplice to EX’s Christmas production of “LETS SKIP WORK AND GO TO THE MALL SO I CAN BUY MYSELF AN IPOD I DON’T NEED AND NOT TELL MY BOYFRIEND”.

I know all about the boyfriend who says he wants trust and honesty, (no demands it), but then pulls a dumb trick by lying and being deceptive.  EX was a pro that that game.

Oh, there are plenty of these in our eight months together.

By this selfish act of using the “honesty” and “trust” and “I can’t stand lies” card for themselves, they get caught and whammo!!  You’re the bad one, and they are the victims.  You react (or in many cases overreact) and they get the upper hand. Yes that is the way it works.  How do they do that?  Is there a manual men get that I missed out on?  Was there a sale at Le Chateau or something?

Then with SK explaining all this to EX, there it was.  The asteroid crashing down. I know how she feels; betrayed, hurt, confused, angry….  What emotion is not used up by this?  It makes me wonder as EX tisks I for the same behaviour he’s guilty of.  Saying the right things in front of me, like he always did.  Me, sitting there, biting my tongue.  SK was told by I that it was over, he couldn’t handle it any more.  She was too much energy.  I know why we broke up- Ex pulled these little routines all the time, and I would freak out, and then we would talk and commit to being honest.  But every time he did it, I would lose my mind and then do insane things I would regret later.

When you make a mutual decision to be with someone you claim to love and want to be with, then how can you make a mountain out of a mole hill?  Why the double standard?  If you cant trust someone to tell you openly about something benign, how can you trust them to tell you about something massive?  In love, when is being upfront secondary to being the one on top?  What makes us dishonest about things we want to do ourselves, overriding the commitment to the one we say we love?  When is an omission ok in love?

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As Seen on Twitter 2

Gay In The CIty @therealbryon

1) Gurl…watcha done to ur hair? From now on…weave it alone…

2) #5ThingsICantStand-racism,ignorance,fakes,sluts,and most of all, I cant stand snack machines that steal ur $, without giving up my chips

3) I may be a muggle…but I do have a Harry potter….

4) Air Canada now hiring cats as pilots? Moew a word from the captain

5) Officially done finding an agent..this one is 12..I can’t work with someone when most of my socks r older Than u.. Sorry skippy

6) @buckhollywoodand how to lick the frosting off the penis cake..

7) #jannarden…uncover me 2 CD….on 4… There’s crack in those tracks, I’m pretty sure..

8) New Tim’s xlrg is most awesome. Lasted for days…must budget for xtra $..

9) I Must say…the agents willing to rep. A d-list celeb locally is like choosing a dented can from the discount bin..without a label….

10) @Kelseeyaleexgurl.. gay lesson 2…cher is always the answer..

11) Mr. Str8: this one is more diva than rihanna..Gay In The CIty @therealbryon

 12) Neverland sounds fun. However, if u fly, and want to stop…can u land in neverland? Its all in the name kids..

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2011: Indulgent Photos….

Taking more time trying to work on digital photo art, I seem to have a bunch that only I seem to like…Mr. Str8 and Carly, in their different ways, have been clear: keep trying….

My step-daughter and I have a great day, while I was visiting Cape Breton one weekend, we drove around, and as luck would have it, my 4 year old Olympus camera finally died… It was getting progressively worse over the year, and died… RIP buddy…

Arichat, Cape Breton, NS

feeding one of the borders who stayed in the shed..

The raccoon family have since moved on.. sadly…sooo cute!

Blooming Tea..herbal tea that also is a centre piece..

I love the idea of making healthy herbal teas for guests, and having it as the actual centre piece…

a dear friend's mother made me a pride coloured dream catcher...

I very much love this dream catcher.  It is one of my most favourite pieces ever!

Point Pleasant Park main entrance house

We spent so many weekends going to Point Pleasant Park to feed the squirrels.  And with the camera acting up, only very few shots actually came out. I love this one, as the lil one is in the feeding compartment, so close.

Halifax Pride Parade

Pride is always a great time.  Not as crazy and packed as Toronto, but so far, every year, without incident.

Put this together for a gay teen follower who was struggling with coming out and bullying.

On my tumblr, chatted with a young teen, trying to deal with coming out-the home and school situations.  It was a quick mash but, I like it.

my step-daughter in this one

wrapped up me

Peggy's Cove, NS

Purdy Towers, Halifax

Public Gardens, Halifax

misty morning over the highway

Mr. Str8 making potatoes for dinner- even for 4!

Highlights and chuckles of 2011..

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As Seen on Twitter 1

therealbryon Gay In The CIty 

1) Gay test: play a remix of ‘it’s raining men’..any male who dances, sings, or remotely responds in excitement=gay..
2)@jannarden lol…great idea..about to commit mass vegetable murder-a salad..
3)Petition for Xfactor Canada..I want judges: #zachwarner#maestrofreshwes@jullyblack, & @jannarden …& the fabulous host..
4)Kindness is the cheapest gift to give..pass it on
5)Gay bars=box of chocolates: some just look, some nibble, some r choosy, others eat it all til they get sick..
6)Ah..pretty blinking red xmas bad..those r taillights on cars in traffic merging at magazine hill…
7)1501 tweet..does that get a nomination for something?..or am I still a d-list celeb?…
8)Love is a gift u give yourself first before u can regift it
9)Did u momma tell u that u were pretty?..mommas do lie.
10)8day work week? Wat r we? Kids in kathylee giffords sweatshop?..

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Diva 1, Blog 0

So, seems I am self-blog-sufficent…. the disfunction appears to be corrected and my widgets and all ducks now back in a row.

Sorry for the pointless postings.  Guess I ll make it worth my while for now.

Kinda feeling superpowered right about now. I solved my own problem, very Shirley Holmes like.  Too bad that Lindsay chick can’t say the same.

Canada’s Got Talent will finally be starting shortly, and I am hoping for X-Factor Canada also..


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