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the Movie Extravaganza Pre-Easter Weekend Str8 Rumble

Last week on my week day off, we went to the movies.  Now, this is a rare treat of late, that Mr. Str8 would be willing to spend that much money other than shopping on Ebay for video games and replacement controllers for ps2.  (Have you seen the brutal murder of one such controller?)  When I confirmed I would be off for the day, he mentioned the movie idea. Here we were sitting in the kitchen, on our laptops, and I nearly fell off my chair, while flashes of colours assaulted my brain.  I steadied myself with a hand on his arm.

“A what?  Sorry, I thought you actually mentioned going to the movie theatre?”

“Ya, I did.  What’s your issue?”  Str8 stares at me like I transformed into a three headed Richard Simmons.

“Really?  Are you playing a sick belated April Fool’s Day joke on me or are you serious?”

“Don’t take it like it’s some kind of real date night shit or anything.  I wanna see if there is anything good.  Find out what’s playing.”

I know what you are thinking.   How is it that I’m the luckiest gay to have such a warm, fuzzy and awesomely romantic bf?  I keep trying desperately to find that out.  What did I ever do to deserve a real fairy tale love?  So, I loaded up Empire Theatre’s site faster than you could say ‘j’ (as in jackass…), or not as fast as Mariah Carey’s movie crashed and burned…

We really had two options.  I swiveled Sully (laptop) and showed him the trailer for ‘John Carter’.

“that’s it!  We are seeing that one!” Str8 exclaimed with a sloppy grin.

“Ok…or what about…”

“Wax in the ears?  I said that one.  What part of ‘that’s it’, did you not get?”

“What part of your computer will come in contact with which part of your body, in about.. say.. 5 seconds?…..”

“The bottom, and my head?”

“Yes, and no- your head is too hard and thick for an empty container…but your lap is exposed…”  He quickly pulled his chair forward so his belly mashed on the table’s edge.  I glared at him.

“I love you?”  He blew a kiss.

“Jackass..”  I coughed into my hand.

John Carter.. 4 thumbs up

So without bloodshed, we decided.  And then the morning of the Great Movie Adventure of 2012, I repeatedly reminded him of the time, a perpetual countdown to the departure time, and ETA.  And the wax from my ears must have travelled out of my ear canal, slugged itself along the pillows the night before, right into his superior tunnels, because I couldn’t pry him off his video game in time.

“Ok, save the game for the love of RuPaul already, we need to leave!” I yelled.  I hate getting to the theatre late.  Major pet peeve.  So, with barely time to spare, I finally dragged Str8 out of the house, and off on the road.  Getting into Bayer’s Lake was not easy.  Direction-challenged Str8, missed the turn off.  I directed him around, and he took the very first right, and kept going.

“Ok, the theatre is right there, and u didn’t turn.” I steamed.  A U-ie and back around… he grumbled and I not happy.  We got in to the theatre, a few minutes into the start.

“See we made it.”  Str8 said.  I glared at him.

“Movie is on. No talking.”  And we enjoyed a most exciting and great movie.  I cannot believe that ‘John Carter’ was not a smash hit.  I loved it.


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Daily Photo- Proud Canuck

Patriotic me…Olympic mitts, scarf and fleece pillow…

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Daily Photo

Green Gables, home to Anne, in Prince Edward Island, over 100 years of entertaining the world with her spirit and red hair..

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Photo for the Day

One of my delicious Sunday breakfasts for Mr. Str8 and I.. his had the chocolate syrup, mine is the lighter fare ….naturally..

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Relationships: From Buses to Partners?

A severe snow fall, a bus, and a thought: how can we be completely independent if we rely so much on our relationships with others?

Getting home for me is a task of epic proportions.  Generally.  A car ride takes 20-30 minutes.  The express bus takes about the same.  A regular bus, takes over an hour to get from my place to the heart of Halifax.  And if the link (express bus) is late, it throws my travel into an annoying experience.  So, recently, we had one of our typical East Coast snow days.  5-10cm of snow.  And the link was late.  Sitting there, in a bus with other commuters, I got to wondering.  As we chugged along the roads and highway, I realized as independent as I am, without my own transportation, I am subject to the intersection of the world and all if its myriad possibilities.  And like a relationship of personal interactions, they can affect us in countless ways.

Halifax Metro Transit Link bus-we have a long-term relationship

I played a scene in my head, of a conversation.  (Prayer really).  It went something like this:

Please, just take me home.  I do not want to be here.  How is it that you seem as nervous as we are?  I am not feeling confident with you.  I will give you the benefit of the doubt.  Just please, take care of me.

In life, we have to allow some loss of power, some sense of control that we put our lives in the hands of others.  We have to deal with being protected, transported, educated, befriended, trained, and catered to.  We have to allow people, institutions to connect with us.  The bus driver, became the most important person (man) in my life for those forty odd minutes, as I was defenseless in allowing him to get me safely from work to home.  And often, I dislike having to let go of control over my own person.  We are all taught this lesson growing up.  We want to be safe, secure, respected, and in kind, demand to be able to trust, respect and feel safe in the hands of those we have to allow some level of control over us.

In relationships, we have much more power.  I cannot choose the bus driver, but I choose the romantic or sexual partners I have.  I can little influence the servers at Tim Hortons who I order with, while I can select the most engaging people to be friends with.  Sometimes the companies you do business with are few and far between.  Only you can control the amount of people whom you share your aspects of life with.

Impossible to not have relationships with others in society, we are all connected

Sometimes, we take on a passive role.  We can rely heavily on a lifemate to help us, keep us safe, love us.  The idea of equality may fall short at times.  The world is not designed for us to ‘take turns’.  Other times, we become the one that has to support, keep safe and take care of, our other halves.

The suspicion with the credentials of the bus driver, and his ability to traverse the snow slopped streets, is not really far from even my ease with Mr. Str8.  An experienced driver sure.  But in comparing my own driving style, he is just as crazy.

Being alive means having relationships with those we choose, as well as those we do not directly have a say in.  We have to reaffirm with ourselves the type of person we want to be in any of these scenarios and have a wide space to accept those we have to connect with.  Relationships are often hard, but vastly rewarding and fulfilling if you just sit back, let someone else do the driving, and be confident that your best interest, is their best intention.

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Top 5 Shots From My New Camera: Day 1



close up shot of my calendar....

Come on, you all knew I had to..right?

Ok, I will spare the suffering of being subjected to such torture, if you petition against it. 

Fine print:(Please note that the fine print states as such, the final decision will be based on the desire and ego of the author, and may not reflect the opinions of the general public.  No cameras, calendars or plants were harmed in the making of these photographic postings.)

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My New Year’s Wish/ Happy New Year!

And here we are, one day left to 2011, and a brand new year about to start.

Hoping you all had a great Christmas, or what have you (holiday), we have the next major one about to hit.

And it is the time of reflection, coupled with the determination to move on, up and forward all at the same time.  Life takes a toll on even the best of us.  No matter how positive, sweet, or wonderful moments have been in the year, it feels like we stand before a marker, and like a runner, we gauge our progress in life.  Sometimes we amaze ourselves at the distance we covered.  Sometimes, we see the starting line right behind us, and feel unaccomplished. 


In daily routines, we oft find ourselves near empty and on autopilot just to get through some rougher spots.  We get lax on proper eating, or maybe sleep, even our relationships may suffer along the way.  We find hours that drag, days that seem endless, months painfully long. 


In many moments in a year, we have joy, happiness and fond memories.  Of friends, family and lovers.  We grew as people in everything we do.  And those that see the lessons, are the ones who move forward in the game of the universe.  It is in the dwindling hours of such passages of time that we begin to take stock on the travel we have done.  It is but in these moments we see most clarity and the raw emotions that it brings.  The closing of a year is nostalgic for even those things we generally tend to forget or brush aside.


2011 was a full year.  For the billions of our brothers and sisters, there were heart aches, tragedies, trauma, and suffering.  Violent weather placed upon the lands saw the might of nature in throes of it’s own struggles.  Protests, wars, conflicts, battles. 

We have had courage, love, honour and miracle stories.  We have laughed, cried, and sampled all emotions.  Some lives ended and many new lives were started.

When we look back on our own personal year, let us not focus on the negative, but rather, take the goals and battles lost as fuel to make 2012 positive.  Lessons are learned in all things we do, say and feel.  The interactions we have with each other.  Look to your heart, to your soul, and find the fire that will guide you into the next chapter of your life.  Dream dreams that bring you peace and share all the good that you have.  May you know the touch of a hand of a loved one on your face.  The look of love in the eyes of a life partner.  Of encouraging words to a youngster.  The wisdom of the elderly.  Look to finding the special thing that only you have to share.  And join in the celebrations of all humanity.

May you embrace the beginning of a new year with smiles and fun.  Be safe and smart, and dance like you never danced before.  Celebrate the times that you will write upon the blank pages that lay before you in the story of your life.  And hold onto the pages written even in the worst moments, as they will reveal secrets about the person you were, and the person you are meant to be.

My wish for all of us is a simple, grand one.  Cast aside the prejudices and stand up for justice and peace.  May we all have the chance to dance as we like, to sing as off-key and loud as we can.  May you be proud of the amazing creature you are, and of those loved ones around you, even of the accomplishments of those you do not know.  Take time to live life out loud, and be a voice that others can follow, and follow those that shine a light, not those that would inflict darkness and cruelty. 

No matter who you are, where you live, what colour of your eyes, hair or skin. No matter the religion and faith, you must believe.  No matter what box you check for your age.  No matter your gender, or sexuality, be the best you can be.  Foster love in the world, not hate, and find the strength to overcome those that would threaten to darken the light of life.

As a year draws to an end, and a new one about to begin, take a moment to pass goodness on to those around you.  We all suffer, but through the pain, we can be strong and rise above this mortal coil to achieve something great.  And let 2012 be the year we set the goal.  Learn to say NO when you need to and YES when you can.

My wish for you all is to have a fabulous, safe New Years, full of love and peace.  Party on.  Be proud.  And in the words of the grand diva herself, RuPaul, “don’t f*@# it up!”

New Year’s Eve, 2011, a day before the start of the brand new 2012. 

Happy New Year, one and all.  And thank you for taking time to share of your time with me.  Much love and appreciation.

Bryon, therealbryon


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to one and all.  May the spirit of love, joy, peace and family find you well and safe, not just now, but every day of the year.

May dreams, wishes and hopes come true and may all of you be happy.

Take care and see you all again soon.



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Pictou, NS: Str8 Scenery

Str8 and I stayed in Pictou, NS, to go to the drive-in movie theatre.  A first for Str8.  So, we stayed at a fabulous B&B, the Willow House Inn.  Turns out, I knew their daughter well-she was my doctor’s receptionist for years, and then worked at one of my jobs with me!

Willow House Inn B&B..Str8 & I loved stayin there.

We enjoyed the town very much.  Historic, quaint, pretty.  It really reminded me of the cottage resort towns in Ontario.  I was very happy with the weekend. Wonder what adventures next summer will have?

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PEI Vacation Photos 1:Str8 From the Island

Just a completely bononkers random photo post of some pix from our PEI trip to visit my best friend Connie and my goddaughters.

(As some random posts have inevitably shown up here, being totally not related to relationships and such, I figured I would just go with that, and keep up the  ADHD approach…to blogging) wink.


..and wonder who is in this shot?....


in the haunted fun house in PEI, Str8 and I enjoyed..

Sandspit amusement park, Cavendish PEI- we took Connie & the girls for the day

Summerside PEI, home to Connie & ma gurls..

nothing says yummy better then Cow's on the ferry into PEI..

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