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Love & Quality Time: Companion

In addition, as mentioned, some things we share…

I got Str8 to do an evening of murder mystery game at my friend’s house.  It was a fabulous night and so fun.  Str8 had a blast.  “I don’t know what to say”.  (about playing along, in his character).  Wasn’t his idea of role-play, but meh..



One of my musical favourites is the UK boy band, the Wanted.  Ok, beyond the obvious that they look perfect, they are one of the most amazing boy bands EVER!  Justsayin…  Not a surprise, Str8 is now a fan.  I now enjoy more opera music as well.




Carlie and her family wanted to do the Halifax Ghost Walk Tour, and I asked Str8.  He wasn’t convinced at the idea, but enjoyed the evening as we walked the city, listening to creepy tales. Naturally, we spent a night out with friends, and enjoyed doing something different-together.



One of the Canadian Films we saw, ‘Splice’, was really good.  We loves movies, and share common interests.  So, I take him to domestics, and he drags me to see the sagas of ‘Twilight’ and ‘Harry Potter’…..ya I know, Mr. Str8.. so very Str8 right?




This was the hook for our pastime of feeding the critters.  We happened upon this little guy at the canteen, eating ice cream cones.  And yes, that is Str8 trying to over feed him.



A compromise falling under the shared interests of health, food, and movies.  I got Str8 into healthier eating.  So, we prepared this snack together, to settle down to watch a movie. 


And of course, I got him into the gay club.  Not really a fave of mine anymore.  (I have been in more clubs, more than I care to think about!)  There is only one here in Halifax, not like Toronto, where I was a regular at the old Club Colby’s, the Tool Belt, Woody’s…So, we love to dance.  Great quality time…. Str8 is still rather green, so we do the bar once in awhile.

The pastimes that we still have independently of each other, (though we often do these in the same room, at the same time).. is Str8’s obsession with his video games. I think this conquest is played more in the bedroom than any other conquests…





My digital photo art is my thing, and I do a show for Str8 every so often.  He is interested, despite the shit my boyfriend says….

So, be open and share things of interest with others.  You never know how much fun it could be.  And always better to share with the one you love.


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