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Infamous Tweets

Welcome to snowtimes. Where the snow never ends

Good ice age morning tweeps..just saw a wholly mammoth trying to warm up in the terminal…

So much for tonight’s plan to start my new celebrity stalking campaign… Dear #RickMercer, snowcheque on delivering fake pizza…

Oohh… I could chat with @Jannarden, or @benmulroney… Wait.. Is there an expiration date on restraining orders?- anyone??

Dear snow… Can u wait to visit again, til after the warm n the sun kills ur cousins covering my driveway first? Thnx.

surprising how sometimes being spontaneous can light the fire of the soul. Remind us that sometimes, the ghosts we run from…r those inside

2 simple rules to follow when picking things off ground: 1-if u got sexy bum-bend at waist. 2-if not (most of u all), do not bend at waist.

so 1hr of toss’n’turning- too sick, too tired..classic music on , blog reading and herbal sleep and detox tea

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