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Families Still

Weary bones, and breath short, he sat upon the worn wood chair.  He was of all things, sharp as a blade, and surely ageless in age.  Skin leathery, patchy and bumped.  Smells not always as nice as hot chocolate or such, yet always gave senses of love and sanctuary.

As was the old and the young, both tend to temper tantrums, and both had eyes that sparkled with teasing humour, again the designed designing of a story.  Sometimes more truth than of imagination.  For the tales of true, he the teller would gather will and once begun, began to relax.  Brilliant colours of words wonderful, no longer struggled to be free, entranced and engaged.  Of the stories that were of fancy flights, the most amazing adventures could almost be seen.

Life was different, this fact set the tone, as he continued.  Not all were accepted, not all equal of creation.  As memories manifested emotions, as vivid as simply looking at Christmas tree above a sea of gifts.  From the eyes of youth.  There was no hatred in such blissful history.  The generations before that have come and gone.  The lessons of life, all children knew.

He was a person of old.  Life long and full.  Love of his, and his love, here, as if always it was, not if as it was secret.  A grand father of a grandfather, he and the lifelove, his love of life, assure you accurate and true it is, a man and a man.  Strange and this was not so in his course of living.  Normal normal was for all, all for normal and all agreed, as if in a mirage, no one was acted upon, treated bad.

A grandfather, sharing dreams and true events, raised a family with his livemate, his man of all men.  Turn, as in now he as teacher, lessons teaching, to a new, brand new generation.  Children of love.  Families, different each to compare, but families still.

And such was, is the dream, true events.  Children grow up, and know of nothing of hate.  Because the ones that are old, can upon the minds of generations new, share of how it was, real of experiences, real of truth.


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Re-Rev Elev 2011 Re-Post: Shit My Boyfriend Texts

1) (appearing on MSN)’Don’t txt.  My keys are fucked.  Smashed the cell.

2) Fuck! I just locked the fucking keys in the house

3) Str8:Remember I said I felt I was forgetting something. the anti virous

Me: lol.. the anti virous?

Str8: opps, spel cheque!

4) Me: that hill will kill me, just saying

Str8: lmfo!

Me: Nice, sympathy n empathy, swell…..

Str8:  lol

Me: a great hubby..i could be near death, and u…really care. All choked up. Me sprawled all exorcist like on the side of the highway..

(ten minutes later)…aha.. I rest my case…

Str8: Lmfao!

Me: ok fine.  Even without a quippy comeback,don’t think I won’t blog this..Mr Morbid..more like..

Str8: lol, u r funny first thing in the morning!

Me: lol.. aw thanks, lack of sleep…

5) (Str8 back in the Cape, having power issues)..the power blinked off again….ths back already, i think this must be a NSPI way of a practical joke!……holy sweet american fuck! the power just went out again!…..

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Wildlife of..: the Gay Bar Part 1-(A gaysexandthecity expose)

In tonight’s debut episode of Wildlife, we will look at the those elusive creatures that inhabit the often sketchy territory, known simply as the  ‘gay bar’.  This aint your parent’s Nature of Things, to be sure.

This habitat has become extremely popular among it’s wildlife.  In many parts of the world, these ‘watering holes’ have sprung up all over, growing in proportion to that of the demand for space, and variety.

While any gay can be found in these hot spots, there are many examples of the gays that frequent regularly.  And we look at the most common groups in which make the gay bar a significant part of their routine.  Scientists believe that these specific breeds of the gays, are instinctively drawn into the gay bar for gratification.  They have identified these 3 most common of the gays:

the hag fag gays party with their gurls..but looks like these two may pair off...

The Hag Fags: are mostly attractive, but sometimes not so much.  They will only venture into the gay bars with the support of members of the opposite sex (females, for those who only study the gays), those friends that will allow this breed to pretend that they are not interested in availability of potential mates.  These use their female companions as winghags.  If they have the opportunity to hook up with a hottie, they will abandon the hags without much fanfare.  They in fact, are actually performing a form a mating ritual, on the mating display ground, known as the ‘dancefloor’.  They shake, shimmy, grind, flaunt, tease, wink, and many can be seen making a rather spectacle of themselves. They feel safe with these female pack members, providing a cover for their own non-commitment and lack of desire to mate with the various other members of the gays in the gay bar. They, like most gays, have high level of ego, and can be known to flirt on the dancefloor.  Unless they set sights on a specific gay of interest, they may get lucky.  Mostly, the hag fags are out to dance.

the gawker (stalker) gay- make no mistake, it looks fine, but it is out to feed. Hi, what's your size?

The Gawkers (AKA stalkers): This breed of gays, will observe, and ‘scope’ out, or ‘cruise’, the available selections of other gays, waiting to entice a gay who returns the interest.  They will consume as much alcohol as they can, and stalk a partner for pleasure.  They will instigate conversation, flirt with and attempt to attract a companion.  They will attempt to seperate their intended victim random encounter, from it’s group.   They are usually seeking a one night stand, and like a lioness, can locate the easiest of prey. And hoping for the best abilities… These pleasure seekers are more than just responding to basic sexual urges.  They are much more demanding.  Please be cautious. This breed can be aggressive.

these are dangerous, egoist gays-admire from afar...

Narcisissies: These are among the most crafty and manipulative of the gays.  They appear to be extremely vain, well-groomed and self-absorbed.  They will spend time looking at themselves in mirrors.  Apply make-up and lip gloss, fix hair, and take pictures of themselves with their cell phones.  They often will travel in packs consisting of hag fags and their hags, other narcisissies, dancefloor divas, gossip gurls, and sometimes, the daddies.  They will expose as much of their best features as they can, while mingling and working a trail of their pheromones in an effort to maximize attention and interest.  They will flirt, behave in wild and what they believe to be carefree actions.  They are generally the most feminine of gays.  They are not full fledge queens, or drags, but these young, experimenting gay youths will gender bend, by incorporating female clothing, accessories, and actions of a female in heat.   Be warned: these gurlybois will play with other, as well as other attractive youths, but will seek out sugar daddies to care for them. Do Not Buy These gays Drinks, unless you are willing to risk humiliation, as they will ‘work it’, and then find something more attractive and financially secure, and leave you frustrated.

 And stay tuned for part 2,  of the wildlife of the gay bar.  Coming soon.  Check local listings and time zones for the best chance to learn more about the gays in the bar.


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Oh How I Love You (Poem)

Across the view like deja vu, upon my eyes and over the ayes of mates

In frozen time, fragrant tyme, the sight of you excites me

In my mind I write, with you all is right, I want you, I need you

every day of the week, your love makes me weak

And now I believe that dreams come true, and oh how I love you




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Relationships: From Buses to Partners?

A severe snow fall, a bus, and a thought: how can we be completely independent if we rely so much on our relationships with others?

Getting home for me is a task of epic proportions.  Generally.  A car ride takes 20-30 minutes.  The express bus takes about the same.  A regular bus, takes over an hour to get from my place to the heart of Halifax.  And if the link (express bus) is late, it throws my travel into an annoying experience.  So, recently, we had one of our typical East Coast snow days.  5-10cm of snow.  And the link was late.  Sitting there, in a bus with other commuters, I got to wondering.  As we chugged along the roads and highway, I realized as independent as I am, without my own transportation, I am subject to the intersection of the world and all if its myriad possibilities.  And like a relationship of personal interactions, they can affect us in countless ways.

Halifax Metro Transit Link bus-we have a long-term relationship

I played a scene in my head, of a conversation.  (Prayer really).  It went something like this:

Please, just take me home.  I do not want to be here.  How is it that you seem as nervous as we are?  I am not feeling confident with you.  I will give you the benefit of the doubt.  Just please, take care of me.

In life, we have to allow some loss of power, some sense of control that we put our lives in the hands of others.  We have to deal with being protected, transported, educated, befriended, trained, and catered to.  We have to allow people, institutions to connect with us.  The bus driver, became the most important person (man) in my life for those forty odd minutes, as I was defenseless in allowing him to get me safely from work to home.  And often, I dislike having to let go of control over my own person.  We are all taught this lesson growing up.  We want to be safe, secure, respected, and in kind, demand to be able to trust, respect and feel safe in the hands of those we have to allow some level of control over us.

In relationships, we have much more power.  I cannot choose the bus driver, but I choose the romantic or sexual partners I have.  I can little influence the servers at Tim Hortons who I order with, while I can select the most engaging people to be friends with.  Sometimes the companies you do business with are few and far between.  Only you can control the amount of people whom you share your aspects of life with.

Impossible to not have relationships with others in society, we are all connected

Sometimes, we take on a passive role.  We can rely heavily on a lifemate to help us, keep us safe, love us.  The idea of equality may fall short at times.  The world is not designed for us to ‘take turns’.  Other times, we become the one that has to support, keep safe and take care of, our other halves.

The suspicion with the credentials of the bus driver, and his ability to traverse the snow slopped streets, is not really far from even my ease with Mr. Str8.  An experienced driver sure.  But in comparing my own driving style, he is just as crazy.

Being alive means having relationships with those we choose, as well as those we do not directly have a say in.  We have to reaffirm with ourselves the type of person we want to be in any of these scenarios and have a wide space to accept those we have to connect with.  Relationships are often hard, but vastly rewarding and fulfilling if you just sit back, let someone else do the driving, and be confident that your best interest, is their best intention.

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Winter Survival Tips for Couples: Top 5

In this time of the season, as many of us find freezing and thawing a regular routine, outside of the warmer weather of overheated and need for mocha chillers, I have a few handy ideas for keeping warm.

Top 5:  5) Find movies, TV shows that you both enjoy, play them on your laptop, supported on a box or a make-shift base.  You and your partner can get into bed, covered in blankets, prop up on pillows, and snuggle.  Close proximity and body heat will make even watching documentaries much more fun.  What you do once warm is up to you…

              4) Risk hypothermia to get to the market, pick up ingredients for some of your most favourite recipes, and get that oven on.  Cook and bake up a storm together.  The extra heat and activity will surely have a good effect on a couple.  Just try to leave some food to actually use in making your romantic menu. 

              3) If you are winter sluggish, get motivated with watching a simple exercise routine.  Get warmed, sweaty, and try paired techniques like spotting for sit-ups, or turn mundane reps into a seductive foreplay.

              2) Play war in the snow.  If you have pets, or kids, use them as weapons.  If kids, leave them out, to finish the game, so you have some quality time.  Hide in a secluded part of the house, so the kids cannot find you.  Lock doors to keep them out. 

              1) Pool all of your money, and get away.  Run, drive, dog sled away to a local hotel, resort, or if possible, runaway to a hotspot.  Barring funds for this: get to the liquor store.  At least you both can get warmed and forget the winter cold. 

And that is as real as it gets.

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Re-Rev Elev 2011Re-Post: Shit My Boyfriend Says-Str8 to the Gutter

(Jan, 2012: Welcome to a repost of a favourite, and popular (aka, there are actual comments, not by myself or close friends trying to make it look like i am all cool like that).)

1) “No.  I’m not going to New Zealand.  Just my luck, I get there and the volcano erupts.  Fuck that!”

2) “Oh yeah, I brought down the broccoli seeds, so we can grow our own and save money.  They’ll grow in a pot full of potting soil, right?”

3) “I know.  You and everyone else is in love with me.  I would be too…”

4) “What do you mean I’m not romantic?  What the fuck was me driving you to and from work all those months?”

5) “I’m hungry.  I need something now….You take too long, like your Martha fuckin Stewart on sleeping pills.”

6) “Careful walking around.  I got pissed off at my game and smashed the controller.  It shattered from the bedroom to the kitchen.  Cheap shit.”

7) “Don’t touch my hair!  It took me too long to get it like this….”

8)  ”Yeah.  I’m telling you, that guy is gay.  He’s so gay, makes you look like Brian Mulroney….Wait, he’s gay too.. fuck, you know what I mean.”

9) “Really?  YOU dated, and banged a chick?  She look like a man?”

10) “Drinking wine…You too?  Oh yeah.  I’m drinking the real stuff, not the shit I made there like you are.  Enjoy that?”

11) “No, you’re not buying those jeans.  You like Rosanne Barr greased into Celine Dion’s pants.” (to me….ya)

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Top 5 Shots From My New Camera: Day 1



close up shot of my calendar....

Come on, you all knew I had to..right?

Ok, I will spare the suffering of being subjected to such torture, if you petition against it. 

Fine print:(Please note that the fine print states as such, the final decision will be based on the desire and ego of the author, and may not reflect the opinions of the general public.  No cameras, calendars or plants were harmed in the making of these photographic postings.)

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Follow Me And I Will Follow You: And Other Semi-Truths

Social networking allows for creative, talented, and ego-centric individuals the chance to share, interact, learn, connect.

Getting into the wordpress, tumblr, twiter end of community sharing, you virtually are at the front door, in all your nakedness and inviting strangers into your home.  Ok, not so much your home, as in your etherworld net site.  Naked, well, if that clicks your like button, then ok…  We have the facebooks, with many people we have actually met-friends, co-workers, family, what have you.  Even the strangers there, we have for some common reason.  When we open up to blogs, and the like, then we suddenly have less familiarity with those that randomly come by chance upon your masterpiece.  How many people do we actually know on these things?  I can see really cool, youthful student types, the artistes, all flocking to blog.  A mutual admiration society.  Gosh, that sounds so fun!

They post, then read, share, comment and follow each other.  Flock of Lemmings, release their debut CD, Blog Blood Bud.  I actually know only one blogger, who has a right cool blog.  Everyone else are strangers with the potential of being friends.

Mysterious shimmering apparitions travelling the optic digital galaxy.  (Shimmering, well, I like shiny things).  And some randomly find their way onto our blogs.  Some pass by without acknowledgment.  Some, glance.  Others take time to read.  Once your phamtasimistic visit enjoys, they make themselves known, by giving you a sign.  Liking, following, commenting… some how, they let you know, ‘hey, I was here’.  Just like those annoying ‘killroy was here’ graffiti. 

On occasion, you encounter these surfers of the web, and they join in your commune.  I mean, following your blog.  And, since your new and eager like a puppy, you take a trip to their blog, and check them out.  Finding out that the surface is very different from your own, you think, ‘ok, I know I am fabulous, but really?  You?  Me?’  Ok, whatever.  Cool.  And you are courteous and read and comment on their recent posting.  Funny thing… seems they suddenly disappeared again into the void.  Ok?

These over excited visitors are impulsive, and tend to like and follow everything.  Like a know the type.  Addictive personalities, Alcoholic, chocoholic, jersey shoroholic….

These blogaholics, do not see the bigger picture.  If you post the best post ever, they think ‘huh, I want to follow this one’.  But, you later realize, this most amazing blogger is not someone you generally like, support or associate with.  Blindsided, they rush to disconnect from you.  I see, so, the review of the new restaurant made you think I was a professional food critic, and you are obsessed with food critics, so say restraining orders stacked on your new lawyer’s desk?  Ah, so the photos of the garden, because it had red, white and blue, you followed then realized that it was shot by (insert the faction of humanity you lest like) and oops, unfollow!

Really?  I am green and new to all this blog stuff.  I set it up, post, check out the fresh awesomeness, and like.  Truly, there is no way to actually follow every one of the gifted bloggers.  I have yet to read, and jump on board, only to change my mind.

And, my observation is not a random rant, as I can tie it to relationships.  Now follow me on this one.  People like many more posts than they follow.  We all like other people, however, we do not date them all.  EEEW.  We try really hard to have that feeling for someone special.  Likewise, for following.  I feel drawn to many, but I try to only connect with ones more likely to be long-lasting.  I will return to those that I remember, and check them out again.  We try to follow those that give us the most impact.  

Some of us, though, are serial followers, and hop blog to blog, loving all.  We call them sleazy.  (I have many other words for them).  I will like as many as I can.  Even if I have to seek out a different post, per se, I will try to like everyone.  But, follow?  I do want to follow everyone, the problem is that I have such a short attention span as it is, I will sacrifice many if I try to organize reading everyone.   I will get to this one four times a week, while ten others sob in loneliness for my cruel absence. 

I would be blog-ho, truly, I would.  So, please accept my humble apologies now, in case I miss you.  I will never follow you, and leave you.  I am a monogamous blog-follower. I may blog and tell, but I only follow where my heart takes me.

So, with my ego bruised, I think medications for my delusions of grandeur are more than necessary.  In  fact I demand it.  Then maybe I will not worry about who follows me or not.  After all, it is all about following yourself first, before anyone else can follow you.

With all my following….

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2011: Indulgent Photos….

Taking more time trying to work on digital photo art, I seem to have a bunch that only I seem to like…Mr. Str8 and Carly, in their different ways, have been clear: keep trying….

My step-daughter and I have a great day, while I was visiting Cape Breton one weekend, we drove around, and as luck would have it, my 4 year old Olympus camera finally died… It was getting progressively worse over the year, and died… RIP buddy…

Arichat, Cape Breton, NS

feeding one of the borders who stayed in the shed..

The raccoon family have since moved on.. sadly…sooo cute!

Blooming Tea..herbal tea that also is a centre piece..

I love the idea of making healthy herbal teas for guests, and having it as the actual centre piece…

a dear friend's mother made me a pride coloured dream catcher...

I very much love this dream catcher.  It is one of my most favourite pieces ever!

Point Pleasant Park main entrance house

We spent so many weekends going to Point Pleasant Park to feed the squirrels.  And with the camera acting up, only very few shots actually came out. I love this one, as the lil one is in the feeding compartment, so close.

Halifax Pride Parade

Pride is always a great time.  Not as crazy and packed as Toronto, but so far, every year, without incident.

Put this together for a gay teen follower who was struggling with coming out and bullying.

On my tumblr, chatted with a young teen, trying to deal with coming out-the home and school situations.  It was a quick mash but, I like it.

my step-daughter in this one

wrapped up me

Peggy's Cove, NS

Purdy Towers, Halifax

Public Gardens, Halifax

misty morning over the highway

Mr. Str8 making potatoes for dinner- even for 4!

Highlights and chuckles of 2011..

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