Summer: the lament

Its August in the little city, and what a summer.  Not really.  As far as the summer goes.  Or the summer fun that goes along with it.  Less than great weather.  And the clueless of society thinks global warning is not real.  Right.

So the joys of summer now start fade, hopes dashed like a kid pulled out of a candy store.  No nights walking downtown.  Sitting in cafes.  No camping.  Ah, but there has been some good times. 

Pride week off in the city.  We spend most of that at home as it rained.  But we did get the harbour cruise (it rained).  And the parade. Yup, rained also.  Wait, did I say I had summer fun?  Felt more like spring fun….pleasant.  But on really warm days, we did get to the beach.  Late arrival to Dollar Lake, and about two hours.  I went in the water once.  For about 2 minutes.. then the next day to Crystal Crescent, the nude beach.  Wow…what a sight…literally.  Water too cold and me too discouraged by the weight I had put on to attempt to get naked.  Next time.. I have promised myself.. I ll be flaunting me all up and down the beach….probably.

Work keeps me secured, so most of my day is consumed by it.  Getting up to get ready to, and the travel to, work.  Work.  Travel home from work.  Try to unwind to sleep to get up to go.. to work… story of our lives right?

I planned on being out and running (or in my winter laziness, walking) about.  I stopped making plans again because it’s just to depressing to have to travel in crappy weather.  I think I am a hermit in training.

With autumn fast approaching, I scan the weather forecasts and hold my breath, hoping to see hot (or, at this point even warm) temperatures, with sun, and the chance to be out among the summer living to glimpse attractive males, by chance shirtless… (yes I am man, gay true, making me more of a dog).  However, as its rather mid-August, I suspect I ll be staying home, battling the bulge for next year. 

And don’t ever get me started on all the work I need still to do outside of my house..That’s an rant posting…

So here’s to the summer.  As shitty, rainy, cool and dreary as it is.  I give up.  I ll stay in and enjoy the fun things one can do behind closed doors.  Thanks summer, you are really swell.  And thanks for memories.



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