Str8 to Storebrand for Jasper 2

So Jasper is not very impressed with the cheap food.  Sounds like he has been spreading the news about it to all his little feline friends.

I noticed that recently, as I was going to give him a hug, that the little tiger scampered around me and ran for Str8 (who was waving the bag of food at him)..but now that we have nasty cheap crap to feed him, we ll see how long he keeps going to Mr. Str8 first…..

Betrayed by my kitty.  I am gutted.  And now for my revenge…I have a can of moist food, stashed away.  I will be armed, and  not afraid to use it, to get back into good graces with little J… MAUUUUHHHHAAAAAHAAAAAA!!!!


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